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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Prosthetics & Crown and Bridge

in RajaRajeswari Dental College & Hospital, Bangalore

per year/ sem





3-5 Years


Full Time

Course detail and strucutre

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Prosthetics & Crown and Bridge is a doctorate-level research program at RajaRajeswari Dental College & Hospital. Usually, the duration for such research programmes is between 3 to 5 years. As one of the most in-demand fields of dentistry, research in this field can have far-reaching consequences on the lives of patients and this presents a very challenging and satisfying opportunity to work. Resident professors will guide each Ph. D student towards their research and presentation of a doctoral thesis. Career prospects include teaching faculty in dental science institutions, dental surgeon (Prosthetics) in speciality dental hospitals, and private practitioners.


Minimum Eligibility to Apply

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Prosthetics & Crown and Bridge

Candidates should have obtained an MDS degree with a passing mark of 50% in a relevant discipline from any recognized university.

Placement and Career

The college gives training to its students as per the industry standards. The graduates of the college are placed in top hospitals. 

Salary Trends

0-2 Years

Rs. 10,29,239

* Salary Trends are subjective to change based on various factors
Job wise Analysis
Job profile

Job description

Average salary


The work of a professor involves not only lecturing and teaching students in the classroom, but working with them to develop research, dissertations, or thesis-based papers as well.

Rs. 10,29,239

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