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Students Share their Feedback after JEE Main Paper 2

Students Share their Feedback after JEE Main Paper 2 2 weeks ago

Source: Times of India

The JEE Main Paper 2 was held on 1st of September 2020 and the main exam will continue till the 6th of September. During these COVID times, there were a lot of sanitation checks before they allowed students to enter the exam hall.

The sanitation checks included the following procedures:

  • Nothing was allowed inside the hall from outside. Candidates could only take their pencil boxes for drawing, their aadhaar card for identity proof and their admit cards inside the exam hall.
  • Every student had to self sanitize with a foot-operated sanitizer, which was placed at the main entrance of the exam hall.
  • The entry of students was maximum until 8:30 am, after which no one was allowed to enter.
  • The students were restricted from getting their own masks and instead had to use the masks given by the invigilators.

Feedback by the Candidates Post Exam:

As per the feedback given by the students on the B. Arch Paper, these were the findings:


The candidates rated the Math section as Easy to Moderate. A total of 25 questions were there in this section, +4 was awarded for every correct answer, -1 for incorrect answer and 0 for the unattempted answer. The total marks for the Mathematics section was 100 marks.

Aptitude & Drawing Section:

The Aptitude and Drawing sections were rated as the easiest sections by students. The total marks of the Aptitude section were 200 and the total marks for the Drawing section was 100. In the Drawing section, the candidates were asked to create highway scenes or portrait of their teacher in the first question. The second question was all about creating aesthetic composition by using rectangles.

B. Planning Paper:

The B.Planning Paper includes these sections: Mathematics, Aptitude and Planning. The Mathematics section in the B.Planning paper was easy to moderate whereas the rest of the two sections were very easy, as told by candidates.