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CBSE 10th Result 2021: Board Releases Assessment Policy

CBSE 10th Result 2021: Board Releases Assessment Policy 1 week ago

Source : Times Now

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 10th Result 2021 will be released on June 20th, 2021 (Sunday). In the 18-page policy document, the board laid out the various clauses, concerns, and timeline of the activity. 

The schools have been instructed to form a committee by May 5th, 2021 (Wednesday), finalize the rationale by May 10th, 2021 (Monday) and submit the marks to CBSE by June 5th, 2021 (Saturday). Subsequently, CBSE 10th Result 2021 would be declared on June 20th, 2021 (Sunday).

CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2021 were cancelled vide notification dated April 14th, 2021 (Wednesday). The board laid the policy based on which the marks would be calculated and awarded to students. However, students can appear for the examinations at a later date in case they are not satisfied with the marks awarded.

The board also released a detailed policy document based on which the CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2021 would be calculated and awarded. 

In the circular dated May 1st, 2021 (Saturday), internal assessment marks out of 20 would remain as it is. For the remaining 80 marks, the schools would give students a weighted average where 10 marks would be from their Periodic Tests, 30 from Half Yearly, and 40 from Pre-boards. 

The schools have been asked to form a Result Committee including the Principal of the school along with 7 members to ensure a fair evaluation. The 7-member team would include a school teacher each of Mathematics, Social Science, Science, and two languages. There would also be two teachers from a neighbouring school acting as external members.

Schools have been instructed to clearly define the rationale behind the marks allotted. In case a student has not appeared for any of the assessments, the school is required to call the student and assess him/ her remotely.

The schools would also be required to standardize the marks based on the school's performance in previous CBSE Board Examinations. To ensure a wider parity, historical data of the schools would be considered. The Result Committee has been given the authority to consider Class 9th marks in case they feel that the CBSE 10th Result 2021 is skewed as per the policy.