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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Anaesthesia & OT Technology

in MVM College of Allied Health Science, Bangalore

per year/ sem

Allied Health




4 Years


Full Time

Course detail and Structure

B.Sc in Anaesthesia and OT Technology is an undergraduate course offered at MVM College of Allied Health Science . It is a four-year-long course, including a one-year internship that is designed to train students on various techniques involved in the fields of Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology. The field of Anaesthesia deals with various components and techniques involved in different surgical procedures. The course enables the students to become adept at anaesthesia administration and monitoring the patients who are under the influence of anaesthesia. The course also teaches about Operation Theatre Technology that mainly involves managing and maintaining the Intensive Care Units. The students also gain the skills required to assist the surgeons in the middle of the surgery. After the completion of the course, students gain various skills. These skills and knowledge are in high demand in the medical industry as the surgical procedures are advancing rapidly with the increase in technology. As a result, students can form a highly stable career in this field.


Minimum Eligibility to Apply

B.Sc in Anaesthesia and OT Technology

Candidates should pass 10+2 with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB). They should have qualified from a recognized board of secondary education.

Placement and Career
  • Anaesthesia Technician
  • Anesthetist Consultant
  • Anaesthetist
  • Anesthesiologist Assistant
  • Consultant Assistants
  • Clinical Associate
  • OT Technician
Salary Trends

0-2 Years

Rs. 4,00,000

* Salary Trends are subjective to change based on various factors
Job wise Analysis
Job profile

Job description

Average salary

Anesthesiologist Assistant

Anesthesiologist Assistant is responsible for taking the complete medical history of the patient, performing necessary diagnostic tests, monitoring the patient, performing administrative duties, etc. They usually work in surgery centres and hospitals under licensed anesthesiologists. They perform critical tasks or operate as physician extenders.

Rs. 4,00,000

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