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Bangalorestudy.com is a dynamic education information site that operates from Learntech Edu Solution Pvt. Ltd. With a passion for counselling students, we are responsible for guiding them to reach their higher education goals. Based on the interest of each student, we counsel them through various career opportunities and assist them to find the right course in the right college. 

Bangalorestudy.com provides an abundance of information about colleges and various courses in Medical, Dental, Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Commerce, Law, Management and many more. As Bangalore is becoming the education hub of India with more and more colleges coming up every day, we guide the students with the decision-making process to select the right college. 

At Banaglorestudy we help you decide what’s best for your future and choose the right college to get the best education. With us to help and assist at every step, the students are not required to worry about the application and admission process. We maintain a consistent touch with students even after the admission. The students who are coming from overseas need not worry about their paperwork. We have experts who will assist the students with their visa application. 

Entrance Examinations

Bangalorestudy.com has been helping students fulfill their dreams and one of the best education consultancies for many years. As Bangalore is becoming the knowledge hub of India, a lot of students fly high to pursue various professional courses. They have to give various entrance exams to qualify for the courses.  



It will be wrong to assume that scholarships are designed for students who are in dire need of financial assistance because that is not the case at all. In fact, winning a scholarship can be beneficial to any student. It provides an opportunity for a student to earn an education without going through the trouble of paying for the degree. 

Students often work several part-time jobs or take an education loan to pay for their classes, books, and lodging. Although that’s an option, it distracts the time that most of the students need to study and learn. In a country where a college education is beneficial to enter the workforce or become a contributing member of society, scholarships lessen the financial strain on many students.  

In Bangalorestudy.com scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of Academic Development in Grade 12. Additionally, some scholarships are awarded respect to financial need or other specific criteria.

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So start your journey towards a bright future we provide you the opportunity to move ahead!

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