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Admission in Top Homeopathy College | List of Homeopathy Courses in Bangalore


Homoeopathy is an alternative medical method in which very dilute amounts of natural materials are used to treat different illnesses. It's a medical study based on two theories which are:

  • Like Cures Like

The opinion that anybody disorder can be cured by a substance that provides similar symptoms in healthy people 

  • Law of Minimum Dosage

In this case researched notion is that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater it will affect.Homoeopathic doctors Known as homoeopaths. Homoeopathic medicines which Homeopaths use for the treatment are extracted from plants, minerals and animals. They may be in other forms as well such as ointments gels, creams, tablets and drops. Procedures of treatment depend on person to person it's simple for various people with the same symptoms to take several medications.

Get here for List of Top Homeopathy Colleges in Bangalore

Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

The undergraduate BHMS degree is for 5.5 years and this includes 4.5 years of classroom studies and one year of compulsory rotating internship. The undergraduate degree in Homeopathy is called Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS). The UG programme is for 5.5 years. This includes 4.5 years of academics and one year of internship.  You can practise as a homoeopath or homoeopathy doctor right after your internship. 

In order to be eligible for BHMS degree, one must have passed 12th standard or equivalent in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with 50% marks for general category students and 40% for reserved category students. Students must have completed 17 years on or before December 31 of the year of admission.

After completing your 12th standard, you'll have to attempt the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG), the only entrance test for admissions to all homoeopathy colleges in Bangalore. The test is very competitive as thousands of students appear for the few hundred BHMS seats. 

MD/MS Homeopathy

The second step toward specialising in one or more of the seven available homoeopathy specialities is to get an MS/MD postgraduate degrees.  All admissions to MD/MS programmes are based on the marks scored in All India AYUSH Post Graduate Test AIAPGET- 2020. All MD/MS courses are regulated by the Central Council of Homoeopathy(CCH).

MD in Materia Medica

Doctor of Medicine in Materia Medica is a three-year postgraduate speciality programme that teaches the therapeutic properties of every homoeopathic medicine. Materia Medica is the encyclopaedia of homoeopathic preparations. 

MD in Philosophy & Organan

Doctor of Medicine in Philosophy and Organon is a three-year specialisation that deals with studying the principles of homoeopathic medicine written by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the system. It's basically the foundation of homoeopathy. 

MD in Repertory

Doctor of Medicine in Repertory is a specialised branch of homoeopathy that deals with the natural healing of the ailment(s). One of the aspects of homoeopathy is to let the body's defence heal the disorder and this specialisation teaches just that. 

MD in Paediatrics

Doctor of Medicine in Paediatrics is a three-year postgraduate programme that deals with paediatric issues. The programme covers the entire gamut of paediatrics subjects. Paediatrics is a successful medical stream offers good career opportunities enhancement and growth.

MD Psychiatry

Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry is a three-year postgraduate programme that deals with psychiatry patients. The programme is quite comprehensive in the way it covers every aspect of psychiatry. After pursuing this degree graduates are hired in places such as Forensic, Clinical, Staff, Prison, Child or Child Psychiatrist.

MD Pharmacy

Doctor of Medicine in Pharmacy is a three-year programme dedicated to the study of homoeopathy pharmacopoeia and preparing the medicine. This is a clinical role.


DHMS (Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery) DHMS is a three and a half year-long programme. This includes three years of classroom education and six months of internship. The programme teaches you the foundation of homoeopathic treatment. 

Eligibility Criteria
10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology, and English
MD/MS Homeopathy
Pass in BUMS
Placement And Career

Homoeopathy is part of the alternative and holistic field. It's very popular in Asia, Europe and some parts of the Americas, but not North America. As a practitioner of homoeopathy, you will have an amazing career tending to patients that are looking for an alternative to allopathy. 

  1. Homoeopaths: Homeopaths are to Homeopathy what doctors are to modern medicine. In short, they can prescribe medicines, run their own clinic/hospital.

  2. Pharmacists: Dispensing of prescription and non-prescription medicine. 

  3. Public Health Specialist: To work in and with the community and region to improve the lives of the people. 

  4. Consultants: You can work as a consultant to help fellow homoeopaths or for that matter other medical professionals to help improve their business. 

  5. Teaching: Work as a lecturer/professor and teach homoeopathy students. 

Top Recruiters

Government hospitals, private ayurvedic hospitals, health and wellness centres, resorts, and Spas, community healthcare centres, 

Job Analysis

Doctors: Doctors are the first point of contact for people. Often practising individually or in homoeopathic hospitals, their job is to diagnose and treat patients.

Specialists: Specialists diagnose and treat major illnesses and diseases.


Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.)
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Homoeopathy-Organon of Medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Homoeopathy-Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Homoeopathy-Repertory
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Homoeopathy-Practice of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Homoeopathy-Paediatrics
Doctor of Medicine (MD) Homoeopathic - Pharmacy
Doctor of Medicine (MD) Homoeopathic - Psychiatry
Doctorate of Medicine (MD) in Homeopathy (Organon of Medicine)


Homoeopathy is one of the popular choices to get treatment for various ailments in India and the most popular form of alternative medicine in the world. As with most forms of alternative medicine, Homoeopathy is yet to be recognised as a form of mainstream medicine. However, this has not resulted in any decrease in its popularity.

India has the highest number of people in the world under homeopathy treatment. There are over 200,000 registered homeopathic practitioners with over 12,000 added every year. The popularity is attributed mainly to its cheap medicine and minimal or no side effects.

Yes. According to a recent directive by the central government of India, practitioners of Homoeopathy are entitled to use ‘Dr.’ as a title along with their names.

There are seven specialisations in Homoeopathy offered as M.D under Organon of Medicine with Homeopathic Philosophy, Homoeopathic Materia Medica, Repertory, Practice of Medicine, Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry.

No. In addition to setting up one’s own clinic, Homoeopathy practitioners can also find employment with Homoeopathy hospitals across the country and abroad.
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