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JSS College of Physiotherapy

JSS College of Physiotherapy, JSS Hospital Campus, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mysore. Karnataka 570004

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JSS College of Physiotherapy was established in 1999. JSS College of Physiotherapy Mysore is one of the reputed Private Physiotherapy Colleges in Karnataka. The college is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University.

It is one of the best practising colleges for Physiotherapy in Karnataka. The college aims for Competency-based education that believes in the integration of theory into practice. JSS College of Physiotherapy adheres to global best practices and it is reflected in all its activities. The college believes in curriculum planning and delivery that is reviewed annually with a competency of delivering unique and quality physiotherapy education in India.

The college has been working diligently towards practising the best current research evidence in relation to patient choices and available resources and has gradually succeeded in doing so.

The college is regarded as with the best physio care and education, a college has to offer its graduate and postgraduate-level students. The courses available at the college are Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPT)/Master of Physiotherapy (MPT). It is a great place for excellent education and quality opportunity for all its students.


*Scholarships subject to the central/state government and college rules. 


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KCETKarnataka Common Entrance Test

Why Choose

Quality education in physiotherapy is crucial and mandatory. Physio is a field unto itself. The students learn about human body mechanics in a normal and abnormal state of health. It involves the evaluation and treatment of numerous physical conditions affecting all age groups and aims at restoring normal movements, function, relieves pain, prevents illness and injury.

To provide such depth and quality in the field requires medical candidates to have a holistic development. JSS College of Physiotherapy with its best practices and adjacent to the JSS Hospital provides for ideal learning conditions.

  • Infrastructure & Library: The college has specialized laboratories with all the latest techno types of equipment for all subjects and a well-stocked library with access to physical and digital resources. This can be accessed by students at any time 
  • Campus Life: The college also has adequate facilities for sports and recreation. It has a spacious and well-equipped autonomous department at the JSS Hospital. Additionally, the Physiotherapy College is integrated with the running of JSS Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department this leads to greater collaboration and learning.
  • Network: The college has a wide and strong collaboration and postings with government and non-governmental organizations in Mysore, besides its extensive community rehabilitation programs. The college is a part of the Medical College, and hence all the facilities are at the disposal of the students. This helps them in gaining valuable experience under the guidance of excellent teaching faculty and good laboratories.

Career Opportunities

The majority of physiotherapy graduates work as physiotherapists, helping a range of patients with physical difficulties to improve their health and quality of life. There are also other career paths to choose from such as:

  • Physiotherapist

  • Personal trainer

  • Sports Physiotherapist

  • Researcher

₹8250per year/ sem
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₹40000per year/ sem
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Main streams
₹40000per year/ sem
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Main streams
₹40000per year/ sem
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Main streams
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A bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy takes around 4.6 years to complete. This includes 4 years of classroom studies and 6 months of clinical internship. A master’s degree in physiotherapy is for two years.

Physiotherapists are in demand all the time across the world. No matter how long people have been on the bed due to ailments or accidents, it’s the physiotherapists that help people get back on their feet or move their limbs. A physiotherapist is no less than a doctor, just that he/she doesn’t carry a doctor’s tag.

Yes, a degree in physiotherapy is never the wrong choice. As mentioned above, physiotherapists are needed and there is a huge mismatch in the number of physiotherapists available as opposed to the number of patients. So, the job options for a physiotherapist are immense. You will be working for a hospital or a home-care agency, or even an NGO that looks after homeless people.

Yes, there’s an entrance test that one needs to take to join the physiotherapy course. The test is conducted by Karnataka Examination Authority. BangaloreStudy can help you with admission to this college.

Pay wise physiotherapy is an excellent work option.
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