Why is Power MBA Better than Traditional MBA Programs?

Why is Power MBA Better than Traditional MBA Programs?
1 month ago
Why is Power MBA Better than Traditional MBA Programs?

MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate courses among all undergraduate students, irrespective of their background. It opens up avenues for stepping into the corporate world. Every year around 2-lakh students appear for CAT and other B-School entrance examinations to get into top MBA Institutes in the country. These examinations witness students from almost every field competing against each other to live their dreams. 

These entrance exams demand top analytical skills to excel, and the selection process is followed by an interview process. Even a 99 percentile is not enough if students cannot clear the interview round. 

Sometimes, students succumb to this high-pressure environment and cut-throat competition that doesn't end with just the entrance examinations. Even if the students make it to the top MBA colleges of India, there is an added financial burden on them. Completing an MBA from these traditional brick and mortar colleges costs a fortune, and the pressure of educational loans doesn't make it a good learning experience. In addition to this, there is a huge amount of time invested in this process. Eventually, students are bogged down by pressure. It eliminates the scope for experimentation and innovation, and students become a part of the herd. 

Traditional MBA programs offered by the institutes don't prove themselves on the grounds of innovation and market adaptability. They aren't restructured regularly to suit the needs of the industry. They continue with the same course-structure, which might have become obsolete. It makes the students unemployable. An AICTE report stated that MBA students are failing to fill-up the demand-supply gap in the MBA-job market as many of them lack the skills required to work in such industries. 

Despite such deplorable figures and lack of innovation, traditional MBA-routes are still being preferred since there are no powerful alternatives. 

Technology is advancing at a fast rate, and this has shown its effect on various industry verticals. The verticals are implementing new forms of technologies that are revolutionizing their operations. Hence, students investing in a traditional route by spending huge amounts of money, and a large chunk of their time, don't fit in such scenarios. 

It has created a need for a fast-paced online MBA program that arms students with the right skills and temperament to take on the changing scenarios. The PowerMBA program is the perfect fit for such a scenario. The MBA program, powered by a dynamic industry-ready course structure, has enrolled more than 40,000 students worldwide. It is gradually making a presence in India and empowering students with dynamic skills and helps them break the shackles of the traditional route. 

PowerMBA is an online MBA program that is founded by Borja Adanero and Rafael Gozalo. It allows students to learn from eminent business professionals such as Netflix's Co-founder Marc Randolph, The Lean Startup author Eric Ries, Co-founder of Zuckerberg Media Randy Zuckerburg, many more. Studying from them gives them real-life insights into how to manage a business. 

Interestingly, Rafael Gozalo, one of the co-founders, has done a traditional MBA from the prestigious IE Business School in Spain. After graduating, he realised where these traditional schools lacked and decided to create a program that helped students to focus more on practicality and viability rather than only a theoretical-based approach. 

The Global program aims at making business studies accessible to everyone. Students can pursue the course from their home on the device of their choice. 

PowerMBA has received a good response in India. Many students are realising the needs of a dynamic MBA program that suits the needs of the industry. Students are opting for this program as it introduces them to the likes of Martin Eberhard, the co-founder of Tesla. Indian students are looking forward to participating in an innovative learning experience that allows them to experiment. It allows interaction with industry professionals who are excelling in the field of business. Getting a chance to pick their brains is a good option rather than learning from books and then applying it. 

The expenditure for the PowerMBA program costs way less than the traditional MBA programs. Traditional MBA programs cost somewhere between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs, which eventually exceed the Rs. 30 lakh barrier when interest for the educational loan is added to it. On the other hand, PowerMBA costs just Rs. 75,000. The course structure is designed for 15-minute microlearning video lectures every day for 10 months. This structure provides a convenient option for students to go for maximum learning with a lesser burden of other factors. 

PowerMBA drives to produce the best talents to participate in the business environment. Therefore, don't succumb to the pressure created by the traditional MBA programs. Opt for a dynamic and interactive MBA program from the comfort of your home and make yourself part of this constantly changing business environment. 

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