Top 25 Courses After 10th in 2021

Top 25 Courses After 10th in 2021
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Top 25 Courses After 10th in 2021

Class 10 can be a confusing time for the students. After completing the 10th board's examination, most of us need a break and unsure about what to do next. Sometimes the pressure is too much that some students want to take a break after 10th and go for a practical subject. There is a list of courses after 10th standard in India that are available for students. These courses due to its scope and quality are preferred by the students.  It takes less time to complete and relatively easy to graduate and get a decent job. 

Here, in this blog, we have discussed the top 25 courses after 10th in 2021 which a student can opt for based on their preference. Most of them are short term courses after 10th.

ITI Courses After 10th Class

There are few industrial training institutes that are the best option for after 10th courses as it is recognised by the industry and enables a student to find excellent jobs. Here is a list of ITI courses after 10th standard.

  1. Medical Technician 

If you studied your science subjects carefully, there are many courses related to a medical technician job. These courses will give you practical knowledge about the work and can guarantee jobs in the hospitals immediately at the end of the course. Most of the medical technician courses require the students to complete their 12th standard, but these few courses can be done after 10th like Diploma in Radiography Technology, Diploma in X-Ray Technology, and Diploma in ECG Technology. Or you can pursue certificate courses like Certificate in Radiology Assistant and Certificate in ECG Assistant. 

      2. Medical Laboratory Technician

There is a possibility to become a medical laboratory technician after 10th. You just need to pass your 10th std from a recognised board and then take up courses like Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Assistant. You can also do some certificate courses like Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology and Certificate in Medical Laboratory Assistant. The duration of diploma courses is 2-3 years and it is 6 months to 1 year for certificate courses. However, for a better knowledge, it is better to do a diploma course.  

      3. Dental Lab Technician

Dental Lab Technician is taught about full dentures for patients who are missing teeth. They learn how to make removable partial dentures or fixed bridges for patients with only one or two teeth missing. It can be a diploma or a bachelor course. After completing the course, the students can become a Dental Laboratory Assistant, Technical Service Representative or Dental Technician.

      4. Airline Steward/ Stewardess

If you love travelling around the world, then your dream job may be above the ground. By becoming an Airline Steward/ Stewardess you will be travelling the world while getting paid. There is also an opportunity to meet new people and flexible hours of work.  There are many institutes that offer Diploma in Air hostess training, Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant training, etc. 

      5. Photography

Photography is nothing but painting with a camera. Capturing the world as you see it. If you have a passion for something as creative as photography, there are many diploma courses that teach you the basics of photography. However, photography is a self-taught subject and if you learn it better then there is a lot of scope in this field.  

      6. Body and Beauty Care

Everyone wants to look beautiful and therefore there is a career opportunity in cosmetology. There are many courses that are offered after 10th std. for students to learn the art of makeup, skincare and beauty products. The students are taught beauty therapy and treatment for face, body and hair. There are courses which are 3 months to 1 year. After completing the course, you can become a makeup artist or open your own beauty parlour. 

       7. Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator is needed in most of the companies. Most of these positions require the minimum qualification. Therefore there are courses that give a student vocational training in basic data entry skills. They are short term in nature and aimed at improving the skills of a student. The students will be trained in computer operation, software and hardware, typing and internet technology. There are both diploma and certificate courses. 

      8. Hospitality Staff

Hospitality staff can work in a hotel or an event. They are the most basic and common people who are required in a hotel or an event. The students are taught the basic hospitality skills that are required. They can work as a front desk manager or receptionists in a hotel. If you have the knack for it, hospitality staff can the best job for you. 

      9. Event Management 

In recent years, event management has become famous. Event management is a growing field and it involves the planning of small and large scale events. The right event manager with his creativity and promotion skills can make any event a big hit. There are courses that you can do after 12th but there are also courses which you can do after 10th which are both diploma and certificate in nature. 

      10. Fashion Designing

If you have the skills, nothing is impossible. Fashion designing courses basically focus on the conceptualization, research and design sense of a student. There are courses which you can join immediately after completing your 10th std. These courses will help you build your fashion sense, visualization, creativity and technical skills. 

Diploma in Engineering After 10th Class

Diploma courses are very common with better job prospects. The students can do these courses easily after completing their 10th board examination. These are courses that the students can also do courses after 10th in science.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering courses can be done even after your 10th std. There is no need for you to stress about any entrance examination to apply for these courses. As they are diploma courses, the students are given practical knowledge of mechanical engineering. After completing the course, the students will get jobs in the private or government sector.

      2. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the most common and conventional branch of study in the engineering field. In this course, the students are taught the planning, designing and implementation of structural activities and go hand-in-hand with architectural courses. The students who completed their 10th std can opt for diploma courses in civil engineering. 

      3. Chemical Engineering

Depending on the role of a chemical engineer, there are some risks associated with the career of a chemical engineer. They are exposed to health and safety hazards while handling the chemical. However, there are prospects of higher earnings with more experience. The students will have to complete their 10th std. from a recognised board to apply for diploma courses in chemical engineering. 

     4. Electrical Engineering

Diploma in Electrical Engineering us a beginner level course for students after completing their 10th std. The students are given 3 years of practical and theoretical knowledge in Electrical Engineering. The students after completing their Electrical Engineering diploma course can work in thermal power plants, atomic power plants, etc. 

     5. Metallurgical Engineering

The students who are doing a diploma course in Metallurgical Engineering are taught about different types of metals and their maintenance. The students are taught how to solve the various problems like how to maintain heat levels, reduce corrosion and increase the strength of a metal. The students can work in any industry that manufactures metals or metallic products.  

Diploma in Medical After 10th Class

Also, there are few medical courses that a student can do after completing their 10th std. board examination. Here are few after 10th courses in the medical field. 

  1. Diploma in Rural Healthcare

In this course, the students are taught about the basic sanitation, first aid and health care areas. The students are trained for emergencies so they can provide medical facilities necessary to a person in need. They can work in rural hospitals after completing the course. 

      2. Diploma in Nursing Assistant

This course is enough for a student who wants to get jobs in the healthcare sector in nursing. The students are given practical training so that they can land in entry-level nursing aid jobs in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. 

      3. Certificate of Nursing Assistant

The certificate of Nursing Assistants is a similar course as the diploma course in the same subject. However, the duration of this course will be less and it will be more practical oriented course rather than theory. This course will also land the student a job in any entry-level nursing aid in hospitals, clinics or nursing homes.  

      4. Pathology Lab Technician

A pathology lab technician or pathology lab assistants help the pathologists in preparation, examination and storage of specimens. The students who complete this course can work in hospitals, medical labs and physicians offices. 

      5. Diploma in Hospital Assistance

If you are interested to know how to provide basic care in a hospital or nursing home, this is the best course for you. The students are taught how to assist the nurses and deliver care to the patients. The course is generally for a year. 

Tour and Travel After 10th Class  

The courses related to the tourism sector is ever-growing in recent years. It is the best course to complete if you have the knack for travelling and to be in the hospitality industry. These are the tourism courses after 10th in arts that the students can opt. 

  1. Diploma in Food & Beverage Management

Diploma in Food & Beverage Management is a 6 months 1-year course for a student who wants to learn the skills of communication and administration in a hotel environment. The career opportunities are a lot of career opportunities in this field. The students can become food service managers, waiters or beverage managers.  

      2. Diploma in Food & Beverage Production

In this course, the students are trained in the basics of restaurant cooking and baking. The students will learn food safety measures and nutrition. The students gain knowledge in the management of the food business as well. 

     3. Diploma in Hospitality Management

In this course, the students are taught how hospitality management is important and how a hotel runs. The students who will successfully complete this course can work as hotel staff, front office manager, housekeeping staff or tour/travel manager. 

      4. Diploma in Restaurant & Hotel Management

Diploma in Restaurant & Hotel Management is similar to hospitality management. However, in this course, the students are given specific knowledge about how to manage and operate a restaurant or a hotel. There are courses available in this area after the completion of 10th std. board examination.

      5. Diploma in Food Technology

Diploma in Food Technology is a course that deals with food processing. The students can opt for this course after completing their 10th board examination. The students are given the knowledge and skills that are required for quality control in the food industry.

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