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3 months ago

To crack any competitive examination, the students have to do more than just studying. You need to understand what is required for a student to crack a competitive examination before you even start preparing for it. The student needs to review the whole syllabus, know all about the exam, and the subject that they are required to study to start planning to prepare for any competitive examination.  Here in this blog, we have discussed a few tips that you can follow to prepare for your examination:

Start as early as you can

To excel in any competitive examination, the student should start preparing for the examination as early as possible. So that they have enough time to work out the exact plan on how they will prepare for the examination. When you have more time to prepare for an examination, it will help you give enough time to do revision and attempt mock tests. 

Time table 

The main thing that the students need to focus on is to balance and sync their school/college time table with their home study schedule. You need to set aside some time for revising the topics that are taught at the school/college. You can take benefit of the fact that when there is a test in class you can use that test to brush up your knowledge and check where you stand.  

Preparing the easier subjects first

It is best to prepare for easier subjects first as that will help you give more time to study the difficult ones. Once the easier subjects are out of your way, you will be more relaxed to prepare for the difficult subjects. In the end, you can do a revision for the whole syllabus.   

Get your basics clear

To top any competitive examination, you need to get your basics clear. The questions will mostly be objective and there will be a time factor to finish all the questions at the examinations. The competitive examination will judge you on the basis of your knowledge of the subject. There will be questions based on various concepts. To answer those type of questions, you need to have the basics clear.  

Understand the concept

Whenever a new topic is taught in the class, make notes and try to understand the concept. It is advised by the toppers of various competitive examination that you can solve previous year questions and sample questions based on the same topic. It will also give you an idea of the kind of questions that will be asked in the paper.  

Evaluate yourself time-to-time

You won?t get a lot of time to solve each question as most of the competitive examinations are timed. Therefore you need to evaluate yourself from time-to-time to find out where you stand in terms of your preparation and how much time you will take to solve each question. Every mock test you take, you need to time yourself with the exact time that you will get at the actual test. 

Learn from your mistakes

It is very natural to make mistakes. Making mistakes is how you will learn. Make a note of each mistakes you are making at the mock test and then try to rectify your mistakes. Also, these notes can be helpful before the exam when you have limited time to revise the whole syllabus. 

Stick to a plan

If you are making a plan on how to study before the examination, stick to the plan and try not to divert much from it. In the beginning, specify your break times and how much time you will study and follow it diligently. It is better to have a shorter study session than a long strenuous session as it will make your brain to work more efficiently. 

Manage your time and revise

Smart work is always better when you are preparing for any competitive examination. You don?t need to count the hours you spend studying but the time you spend being fully attentive to learn the concepts. You need to minimize all your distractions when you sit to study. Find out a time that is most peaceful for you to work. If you are an early bird, go for early morning study sessions, if you are a night owl, go for late-night study sessions.  

Stay positive and confident

Finally, all this hard work will give results only if you are positive and confident. If you have done the hard work, there is no one who can stop you from shinning. On the exam day, be as calm as possible and positive that you will score a good rank. 

When it comes to getting ready for a competitive examination, stress will not help. Don?t worry too much about it and just study hard. Do your best and the result will show and make sure to stay healthy and fit so that you don?t fall sick before the big day. Focus and you will do well. All the best!

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