The Medical Council of India launches a special dashboard of Medical Faculty, Students and Resident Doctors in India.

The Medical Council of India launches a special dashboard of Medical Faculty, Students and Resident Doctors in India.
3 months ago
The Medical Council of India launches a special dashboard of Medical Faculty, Students and Resident Doctors in India.

Transparency has hit an all-time high with the decision of the MCI to launch a unique instrument panel for Medical Faculty, Students and Resident Doctors, that monitors the number of the above mentioned stakeholders from Medical Institutions all across India.

This is one of the biggest moves in order to being about clarity and transparency in the Medical Education Sector. In order to implement the same, the MCI has addressed the management of all Government as well as Private Medical Colleges/Institutions to provide them with the necessary statistics.

For Non-PG Junior and Senior Residents, Medical Teaching Faculty as well as Resident Doctors, the MCI has spared no space for discrepancy and has asked Medical Institutions to provide the number of individuals in the above mentioned domains within a stipulated time-frame.

The notice issued by Dr RK Vats, Secretary, MCI stated, "A dashboard will be available on MCI website along with instructions on 1st June 2020 for ease of filling of data about a number of faculties, a number of PG students in (Broad/Super-Speciality) and a number of Non-PG Junior Residents/Senior Residents, This dashboard will be kept live from 1st June 2020 to 5th June 2020. Please take action accordingly for filling in the required information on 01.06.2020"

The following steps as per the MCI, are the guidelines for Medical Colleges to fill in details of the students and faculty:

  1. By Clicking on the "College login" link on the MCI official website clicking on the link:

  2. Enter your college login ID and password. In case the password has been forgotten, then click on the "Forgot Password" link. The new password will be sent to your college's registered email ID.

  3. After logging in, click on "Faculty & Medical Students Information".

  4.  Fill in all the information and submit.

  5. For any technical assistance, please email the MCI at

This move by the MCI is key and strategic to ensure that the standards of transparency are upheld and maintained which can in-turn make the Medical Educational sector advance to heights unknown and gain global recognition.

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