Scope of Hotel Management in India

Scope of Hotel Management in India
1 year ago
Scope of Hotel Management in India

Over the years, technology has standardized our way of living. Every day, with the help of technology and a skillful workforce, people experience a new beginning towards a better nation. 

Multiple industries work towards development to serve their people with the best. India is a country that has been developing over the years with the establishment of different industries.

In India, the population is around 135.26 crores that consist of people from different cultural backgrounds. Due to this, the food industry has gained soaring demand in the country. 

The food industry has grabbed the attention of the entire population due to its rapid growth and innovation.

Almost 40% is acquired by the retail food market that is expected to reach a turnover of Rs. 61 lakh crore and maybe more in the coming years. 

The history of Indian hotels dates back to the 17th century. During the colonial era, there were hotels established by the foreign rulers to cater to the colonizers.

Ever since then, the hotel industry began capturing the attention of the people. More than 20% of the Indian population dine out, and the occupancy rate at hotels is almost 67%. 

People with work-life and occupied schedules have time constraints to follow the basic life routine. With such a huge demand, the profit gained by the food industry is vast.  

Many successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons in India have obtained tremendous profit by setting up hotels and restaurants nationally and internationally. 

The hotel industry has gained every possible way to flourish in the economy. The popularity of the hotel industry has led the industry to acquire attention among people. 

Why Hotel Management?

Keeping the profits aside, what makes the hotel industry so popular and demanding? It is necessary to know how to manage a hotel to provide quality and comfortable services. 

The world of hospitality continues to expand in India. The demand for hospitality and tourism has increased over the years. The field is clubbed with hospitality and tourism.

Due to this, the hotel industry has become one of the fastest-growing fields in the country. One of the keys to run a successful business is to provide comfortable services to the guest. 

Hotel management is a study of leadership, flexibility, communication, team building, and many more. Any team needs to analyze industry trends and stay updated.

As people travel across for various reasons, both the travel and hospitality industry has bloomed. 

The scope of the stream in India is tremendous. There are many good reasons why one can choose a hotel management career option. 

Hotel Management as a Study:

India has many career opportunities that students can choose to pursue. Earlier, fields like engineering and medicine were static, but today students have a more broad perspective in pursuing a career.

Similarly, the field has gained popularity among students because it offers a higher career scope and credibility. 

Hotel management is a very skillful field to pursue. A career in this industry is indeed exciting and lucrative. 

Students who have the drive to serve others are the best fit for this field. There are many advantages for students to pursue this management course. They are as follows:

  • Easy Growth:

Students who pursue hotel management courses will have an easy chance of career growth. With interest and acquired skills, they will have opportunities spread across the country. With proper training, students shall also have the possibility to follow their career abroad. 

  • Theoretical Knowledge:

In the field, students will learn skills that are necessary to succeed in hotel management. By applying these skills, students can build a successful career in the field.

A student will learn skills such as operational knowledge, leadership, financial management, team management, and many more. 

  • Practical Experience:

As the hotel management field widely deals with people, aspirants who study shall have practical experience working with the clients and providing them with the best hospitality services. 

Only with industry knowledge and trends one can run the management of a hotel and succeed in the industry.

Courses in Hotel Management:

With increasing globalization, the demand for graduates in the field has undoubtedly increased. For better scope and quality of education, many education institutions have divided the field into various streams based on the requirements. 

There are many courses available in the hotel management field. Based on interest and academics qualifications, students can choose the course. 

The courses mentioned above are offered at the Graduate, Postgraduate, Doctorate, and diploma level. Also, courses are available in both offline and online mode for students. 

The courses offered are given below:

Diploma in Hotel Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
BBA in Hotel Management
BA in Hotel Management
MBA in Hotel Management
B.Sc in Hotel Management
M.Sc in Hotel Management
Certificate Courses in Hotel and Catering Management
BA (Hons.) in Hotel Management
Craftsmanship Courses

Each degree has different eligibility criteria to pursue the respective course. The eligibility criteria are as follows: 

  • Bachelors: Candidates should pass in 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • Masters: Candidates should pass in UG in hotel management from a recognized University.
  • Doctorate: Candidates should pass PG in hotel management as a major subject
  • Diploma: Candidates should pass 12th from a recognized board
  • Certificate: Candidates should pass 10+2 from a recognized board
  • PG Diploma: Candidates should graduate from a recognized board or university in hotel management.

Top Hotel Management Colleges:

A course like Hotel Management that only scales upwards in terms of popularity and scope has individual education bodies across the country, providing these courses. 

India has some of the finest institutions that offer quality education in hotel management. The top-ranked Hotel Management Colleges in India are as follows:

Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Delhi
Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Mumbai
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Bangalore
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Hyderabad
Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BCIHMCT), Delhi
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Chennai
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Lucknow
Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (AIHMCT), Bangalore
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Kolkata

These top colleges in India provide students with the best facilities and practical training to survive in the industry. 

They have the best teaching faculty who have years of experience in the hotel industry. Students who study from these top colleges have many opportunities to have a career in the hotel industry both in India and abroad. 

The colleges conduct entrance exams all over India at various levels. Some of the main entrance exams are as follows:

State Level Entrance Exam:
  • UPSEE BHMCT (Uttar Pradesh)
  • MAH CET HM (Maharashtra)
  • WBJEE HM (West Bengal)
National Level Entrance Exam:
University Level Entrance Exam:
  • CUET (Christ University)
  • PUTHAT (Punjab University)
  • IPU CET (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University)
  • UKSEE BHMCT (Uttarakhand Technical University)

A BHM course has essential topics that are taught in the academic year. The topics covered are as follows:

Food Production Foundation
Food Safety and Hygiene
Food & Beverage Service
General English
Applications to Computers
Hotel Housekeeping
Hotel Accounting
Food Science and Nutrition
Food Production Operation
Front Office Operations
Housekeeping Operations
Financial Management
Principles of Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Managerial Economics
Principles of Management
Hotel Costing and Management Accounting

Scope After Hotel Management Courses: 

So far, we saw the value of hotel management and what it provides as a study. Choosing a career in hotel management is like climbing the ladder of success and growth. 

Pursuing a career in hotel management has tremendous scope. Career plays a vital part in any field. 

Students who are willing to choose hotel management will have many career options to choose from. In India, hotel management functions in both government and private sectors.

The hotel management sector functions from small to large scale industries. Since the hospitality industry has various departments, a hotel management graduate has a wide range of options to choose from based on the interest.

Many hospitality fields are a collection of business models thriving to excel in customer service. The hotel management industry has the following sectors where one can work in:

Forest Lodges
Guest Houses
Food and Beverage Industry
Airline Catering
Cruise Ship Hotel Management
Hotel and Tourism Associations
Hospitality services in the Indian Navy
Hospitality services in various MNCs

Aspirants can choose any of the fields that serve best in hotel management. India is booming in the tourism industry.  

The country has been a centre spot for many tourists who visit and explore. Due to this, the tourism industry expanded over the years. 

The most profited is the hotel management field. Based on the interest, aspirants can work in the following job roles:

  • Chef
  • Hotel Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Public House Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Accommodation Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Conference Centre Manager
  • Fast Food Restaurant Manager

With practical knowledge and interest, students can have a higher scope in hotel management. Apart from this, students can also have opportunities abroad with expert experience in the hotel industry.

In India, many top companies offer the best hotel management jobs. The top companies are as follows:

ITC Group of Hotels 
Holiday Inn Group of Hotels
Oberoi Group of Hotels 
Casino Group of Hotels 
Taj Group of Hotels 
Le Meridien Group of Hotels 
K Raheja Group of Hotels 
Tulip Star Group of Hotels 
Umaid Bhawan Palace
Sarovar Park Group of Hotels 
Welcomheritage Group of Hotels 
Ambassador Group of Hotels  

These luxury hotels in India will allow aspirants to experience and explore the best in the industry.  

Students will also gain knowledge about current hospitality trends. One of the best reasons to choose this industry as a career path is that it is ever-growing. 

Hotel Management - Income:

The booming industry gains a lot of profit. With contrast development, the turnover in the hospitality industry hovers around 70-80% profit annually. 

By applying the right skills, one can excellently run the business. In India, there are more than 2 lakh hotels, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. 

More employees are required to maintain the standards of the hotel industry. Income wise, there is no doubt that the industry provides a higher income scope. 

Hotel management salary in India varies based upon experience in the industry. A fresher who has just graduated can expect to earn between Rs. 1.3 to 3.5 lakhs. 

A fresher has a training period in the initial months of the job. A general manager of the hotel can earn up to 7 to 14 lakh a year. The industry purely depends on experience and skills. 

The Entrepreneurial Way:

Hotel Management courses not only give job opportunities but also opens the gates for entrepreneurs. 

A student can have an entrepreneurial way of leading in the industry. After graduation, aspirants can become entrepreneurs by setting up a hotel as an alternative for jobs. 

One can earn enough profit by following a business module in the hotel industry. As a hotel entrepreneur, skills are necessary to maintain a lasting reputation in the industry. 

Entrepreneurship is one of the best options for those interested in business management in the industry. Hospitality knowledge and skills are the foremost things to be followed while running a hotel business.


Hotel management is one of the prominent fields. The field is vast, and the opportunities are in multi-folds. 

India is the right country to build a career in this industry because of the scope it offers. With proper decision making and skills acquired, one can ace the field of hotel management in India.

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