S-VYASA University: Knowledge Beyond Curriculum

S-VYASA University: Knowledge Beyond Curriculum
1 year ago
S-VYASA University: Knowledge Beyond Curriculum

Education has undoubtedly become the most powerful tool to achieve desired goals. Every institution and university is recognized based on the quality of education it offers to the students. 

S-VYASA Deemed-to-be-University is one such institution that sets an example in the field of yogic science. With a vision to make yoga a socially relevant science, S-VYASA was established in 1986 in Bangalore, Karnataka. 

Over 35 years and counting, the S-VYASA University has earned the legacy for creating and providing knowledge and philosophy of yoga along with modern scientific research of the West. 

S-VYASA University is the first ISO 2001:2008 Certified Yoga University and has been running a successful academic system. But, what is more intriguing about the institute is that it idealizes the understanding of yoga through research.

Rewarding and Recognized Research at S-VYASA:

The detailed planning and research of any subject matter are vital for building knowledge to guide the future. At S-VYASA, a team of scholars makes it possible to conduct extensive research to promote good health and treat pathologies effectively. 

Restoring the essence and tradition of yoga practice was the main goal of S-VYASA founders Dr. H R Nagendra & Dr. R Nagaratna. Research has been an essential part of the university that lays the foundation for making yoga an evidence-based practice.

More than 30+ Ph.D scholars have come together to understand yoga on multiple levels. Through a scientific approach, the research work has drawn an understanding of 

therapeutic values. 

Establishing Research Practice:

S-VYASA University has a modern way of approaching research on yoga practice. 

The institute has set up a laboratory dedicated to conducting studies on the biology of yoga at multiple levels.

The scholars conduct in-depth studies on how the human body responds to yoga. The dynamics and complexity of the human mind and body is the focus of the research conducted. 

The S-VYASA University has laboratories contributed by the alumni group with all the facilities required. Research facilities at the university have proven to be a stepping stone for new developments in Yoga.     

A New Dimension:

The effort and contribution made in research under the roof of S-VYASA University creates an environment suitable for young and aspiring researchers. Experts in the field of Yogic Science have laid a new dimension to seed the knowledge into the future. 

The institute has made yoga a socially relevant science for young people all over the world. Here are the research topics developed by S-VYASA University: 

  • Yoga for Rehabilitation
  • Higher States of Consciousness
  • Therapeutic Applications of Yoga
  • Physiological Effects of Yoga Practices
  • Yoga for Perception and Performance

Top 5 Research Projects by S-Vyasa University:

Funding Bodies
Efficacy of Yoga-based Lifestyle Intervention on Acute-phase Insulin Release (AIR) in Pre-diabetes
Ministry of AYUSH
Mapping Neurophysiological, Neurochemical and Cerebral blood flow changes in attentional processes related to Yoga
Department of Science and Technology (DST)
Cerebral Autoregulation and Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) activity while performing cognitive tasks during yoga practices which have different effects on SNS
SERB, Department of Science and Technology
Effect of Yoga practices on DNA damage in healthy and clinical population
University Grants Commission (UGC)
Development and Validation of Defense Implicit Association Test and Guna Implicit Association Test
Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

So far, S-VYASA has received funding more than INR 7 Crore for research conducted at the university. The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) at S-VYASA contributes to the quality and ethical review for health and biomedical research as prescribed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Apart from S-VYASA University Research, the institute has taken pride in introducing yoga through various publications. More than 15,000 yoga books, CDs, DVDs, MP3 and more are available. S-VYASA has published its monthly journal that highlights the achievements made by the university in the field of Yogic Sciences. 


Today, the success story of S-VYASA Deemed-to-be University has inspired many aspirants. The university strives to protect the value of yogic science not only through curriculum but also through extensive research opportunities for students. 

Widen your knowledge with S-VYASA University. Seek admission and achieve a successful career in a field that offers peace and prosperity.

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