S-VYASA University: Redefining the Purpose of Education

S-VYASA University: Redefining the Purpose of Education
1 year ago
S-VYASA University: Redefining the Purpose of Education

In the current situation, institutes are doomed to wander between vacillates of different groups.

The state authorities demand better results for the resources they provide to a college, recruiters urge on producing students that are better prepared for the job after graduation, and social groups emphasize on promoting cultural values or otherwise. 

Betwixt all the opinions and requirements, how should colleges and universities go about imparting education? 

One of the ways to find answers is to understand the Purpose of Education. By doing so, we can learn how the demands of society contribute to the fulfilment of the purpose of educating.

Education is not the mere process of learning knowledge or acquiring skills. It also imparts morals, habits, ethics and beliefs.

These cannot be acquired in the vacuum of a classroom, it is drawn from various other features like the infrastructure of the institute, the culture that is followed, the values that are granted and more.

One of the universities in Bangalore that checks most of those features to offer world-class education and a holistic pedagogy is Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusadhana Samsthana, popularly known as S-VYASA.

It is dedicated to education, research and treatment through Naturopathy and Yogic Science.

The university was accorded as a 'Centre of Excellence in Yoga' by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

Delve in the blog to know the characteristics about the university that make it a unique institution. 


The university has an alluring lush green campus stretched up to 100 acres called the 'Prashanti Kutiram'.

The infrastructure has a healthy environment and several facilities. Here are a few of them:

  • Unique Buildings:

They have unique buildings shaped in the form of the 'Swastika' and 'Om'.

It signifies truth, divine, supreme spirit and knowledge.

The infrastructure promotes positivity and prosperity along with teaching the philosophies of life through these holy emblems.

  • Library:

The Saraswati Central Library has a collection of 15,000 books. It is the centre for obtaining, processing, maintaining and distributing data to empower students and faculty with knowledge.

  • Hospital:

Surabhi - the Naturopathy hospital, provides students with the opportunities to learn and practice. 

It can accommodate around 250 patients and treat them with the methods of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences.

  • Laboratory:

The Anvesana Laboratory supports and suffices the intellectual curiosity of faculty and students by providing them with exceptional and fully-equipped labs. 

It also provides a flexible and creative space for teachers and students to research.

  • Remarkable Statues:

The university has a marvellous statue of  'Swami Vivekananda'.

S-VYASA University also has a statue of a scene from 'Mahabharata'.

These statues highlight the cultural values and exhibit essential lessons and primary morals of life.

The statue of the great epic illustrates the overarching theme of the law of Karma (the law of consequences) and how the emotion of revenge can cause destruction.

The statue of the great monk encourages students through his belief that "purity, patience and perseverance overcome all obstacles."

He believed that youth could lead a successful future only when they are physically and mentally fit.

Honouring his values and beliefs, the university offers a great environment for students to thrive and make the most of their potential while inculcating a virtuous entity.

Education and Philosophy:

The objective of the university is to blend the best of yoga and spiritual lore with modern and scientific research to produce exceptional outcomes.

They follow the Gurukula System of Education with a modern approach to science and emphasize on practical knowledge and in-depth research.

The institute stands by the teachings and vision of Swami Vivekananda. Through its courses and curriculum, it aims at contributing to harmony, health, peace, poise and happiness. 

Students who graduate from the university secure good job opportunities. They are recruited by top hospitals like HCG, Apollo, Fortis, KIMS, Narayana Health, etc. or top companies like Infosys, TATA, Dabur, Taj Hotels, Reliance and many more.

The Culture at the University:

Sports and events are the primary part of the university's culture. Students get to explore several talents & skills, study a new major or simply revive their minds.

The university hosts various dance, cultural, social and expo events. It hones the soft skills of the students and promotes social interactions, ensuring comprehensive growth.

Key Takeaway:

Education plays a significant role in our lives, bringing in a positive social change. However, the education must be a blend of knowledge from the book and life on a hook.

The interwoven philosophies of life are seldom taught and implemented in the system. It is the role of an Institute to upskill the students with the characters and duties of life along with educating them.

S-VYASA took the responsibility and commenced knowledge and practical based programs, along with teaching the "lessons of living peacefully and successfully" through its infrastructure, facilities and dynamic pedagogy.

They offer the best of both quarters by integrating yoga with relevant science.

Seek admissions in this prestigious S-Vyasa university and build not just a thriving career, but also a peaceful and prosperous life.

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