Productivity in the times of Covid-19

Productivity in the times of Covid-19
5 months ago
Productivity in the times of Covid-19

Students, come one and all, this is the post that can change the way you think about how one can be productive without being in the institutional set-up and the learning environments of your schools and colleges. From time immemorial, knowledge has transferred from one mind to another sans any boundary or limitation. Why should this time be any different?

Covid-19 must be viewed with a progressive lens, not just by students but also by their educators. The time has come to transform the age-old model of teaching to a new era of technological transformation. Every crisis brings with it a seed for innovation and advancement, all we have to do is look for it, sow it and nurture it so that it nurtures us.

Now that educators, schools, colleges and various learning centres are moving to the online classroom system, students are left at home wondering how they can transform the confines of their home or rooms into classrooms of strict discipline, calibre and productivity. Look no further, Bangalore Study has brought you a few tips that can propel and sky-rocket your productivity at home so that your academics remains untouched by this pandemic, but disclaimer: Discipline and self-control are key factors that have no substitutes, dear students.

  1. Create a Time-Table for Yourself:

This is a misnomer while being in an institute because we all had fixed schedules and periods set for learning. All you have to do is take that very time-table back home and tweak it to fit your new study environment. Having a day to day schedule for the week can not only peak your productivity, but it leaves you feeling confident and satisfied that you have accomplished your tasks.

Super Productivity Hack: Get yourself the traditional to-do list notebook, a red pen and even some post-it's, the joy of ticking off your lists is proven to give small dopamine rushes to the brain that makes you joyful and happy.

  1. Work Independently, yet in Unison:
    Whether Zoom calls or Google Classrooms, no matter what your medium of studying online is, chances are teachers are loading students with assignments and projects, pending or otherwise. You may feel that you're all alone in the endeavour, that you're stuck at home with no friends and comrades to join in and work with, but that's the beauty of social media and virtual platforms, use it to create your own small group of friends and work on your assignments in unison, unless they're individual tests or are supposed to be done alone.

Super Productivity Hack: Create your own virtual classroom or even a group on a social media platform with your classmates to exchange ideas, have intellectual conversations that stimulate your mind to work better.

  1. Get your 'Om' on:
    In more formal language, Meditate!
    Meditation is proven to improve productivity, relax the mind and brain wave pattern. Just like our Indian Cricket Team warms up by playing football and other exercises and then they move onto the cricket field, meditation is a great tool to ensure that your virtual study sessions, projects, assignments and reading go on smoothly without the flickering of the mind.

Super Productivity Hack: There are more than a billion videos online that have meditation tools, techniques and music. Take out 10 minutes after you wake up and before you go to bed to listen to these meditation videos and watch your body, mind and soul rejuvenate over the course of time.

  1. Define your Study Zone:
    Demarcating your area and asserting your territory may sound like a tyranny but at this point of time, it can prove to be one of the best decisions you can make to stay focused on your course curriculum. To stay away from the household conversations and activities, and be focused, set aside an area in your room or common area at home, primed with a desk, study material and your course requirements, so that the minute you get into that zone, you know that 'learning-mode' is on!

Super Productivity Hack: Draw boundary lines (erasable, of course!) with your household knick-knacks, to specify the area in your room or living or dining area that you want to dedicate solely to your learning. If you go to the same designated place daily, your mind does not wander about. If you live alone, then kudos! 

  1. Get Moving!
    Exercise. Exercise and Exercise. There is plenty of evidence from numerous studies conducted online on the long lasting benefits of exercising. You will feel more happy, more energised, more productive and will have the energy of a raging bull without having to drink a Red Bull! So go out, get some fresh air, alternate by taking off and keeping your mask on and allow your body to unwind.

    Super Productivity Hack: Find a celebrity or public figure whose fitness levels intrigue you, follow their exercise regimen from social media, starting with just 10 minutes a day and then level-up. If not just go for a stroll/run, that'll do the trick just fine.

There are many tips and tricks that students can employ to amplify their productivity, but discipline, self-control and dedication remain unmatched warriors in this trying time. Just follow your gut and make sure you find new ways to make your curriculum engaging, fun and informative. Here's Bangalore Study wishing you the very best and praying each and every one of you is happy, safe and continuously learning!

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