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Orchids The International School
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Orchids The International School

"One child and one teacher can change the world." - Malala Yousafzai

Education plays an important role in the life of a child at every stage, from the early stages of growth to the time a child becomes an adult. Education has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of the current generation.

The education system in India has undergone major changes to assume its current shape. One thing that remains unchanged is the importance accorded to education in our culture. Ever since ancient times our elders have stressed on the effect a good education can have on one's character and personality.

As important as education is, the place where the education is attained is equally important. A good school must focus on the holistic development of a child and not only on academic development. This can be achieved only through modern pedagogy which involves a revamped curriculum, syllabus and teaching methods. 

Wondering where to find such a school? Read on to find out more about Orchids The International Schools which provide all these features and so much more to ensure your child gets the best education there is to get.

The Beginnings: 

Orchids The International School was founded in 2002 at Hyderabad, with 45 teachers, 500 students, and 5 core foundations that are followed to this day. The 5 core foundations are:

  • Providing a Safe Campus
  • Best-in-class Infrastructure
  • Personal Attention
  • Academic Excellence
  • Holistic Development

From humble beginnings, the Orchid International School has evolved into a giant in the arena of school education, with 90+ campuses in 25+ cities in which 7,000 teachers and more than 75,000 students come together to change the world.

Such tremendous growth would not have been possible without a well-defined approach to achieving excellence in education. The Orchids International School reviews are excellent online because of efforts taken by the management. 

The Philosophy:

The education system at Orchids is designed to make students SHARPER in every sense of the word. The courses and curriculum at Orchids incorporate this philosophy to ensure that no student is left behind on the path to development.

S: Self-Discipline to ensure that a student requires no external monitoring to remain disciplined.

H: Hard Work without which the natural talent of students may go unnoticed.

A: Applied Sciences to encourage experiential learning and promote a clear understanding of the subjects.

R: Research which emphasises on the importance of reading and research habits. 

P: Physical Fitness which helps students understand the importance of a healthy body which leads to a healthy mind.

E: Exposure programmes that expose students to the real world and equips them with the skills to face life.

R: Reflective and Independent thinking which encourages conceptualising by utilising various training methods.

The SHARPER Philosophy ensures that every student, from the pre-primary schools to higher secondary schools gets access to top-notch education.

But wait, there's more... 

Orchid International School has a few more tricks up its sleeve to deliver the best education to its students.

Highlights of Orchids: 

  • World-Class Infrastructure:

The infrastructure at Orchids International School includes smart classrooms that promote digital learning, computer lab, science lab and robotics lab where students are exposed to technological advancements, libraries, playgrounds, swimming pools, and many more amenities that facilitate the holistic development of the student. 

  • Zero Compromise on Safety:

A Child is every parent's treasure. Understanding this, the Orchid International School makes a supreme effort to ensure the safety of its students. The campus is under 360° CCTV surveillance to monitor your child's every step. The school buses are GPS-equipped and the arrival and dispersal of the students are guarded closely. All visitors are subjected to ID verification.

  • ICSE and CBSE Curriculums:

The Orchids International Schools offer both ICSE and CBSE curriculums that are known for their focus on all-round development of students. These curriculums, being globally-recognized, open up excellent opportunities for the students in their academic pursuits all through their lives and well into their career paths.

  • Up-to-date Syllabus:

The Orchids International School curriculum is well-rounded and emphasizes on the development of appropriate skill-sets and knowledge required for each level of education. The inclusion of innovative courses such as Financial Literacy, Astronomy, and Horticulture promote the learning of skills that will be of use in the real world. 

  • Emphasis on Extracurricular Activities:

Every Orchid International School encourages its students to participate in various extracurricular activities like Music, Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts to develop their creative side. In addition to these activities, qualified coaches train students in various sports like Skating, Football, Swimming, Taekwondo, and Cricket.

  • Innovative Pedagogy:

The school believes in providing an education that helps students achieve their dreams, and helps those without dreams discover their dreams. Schemes like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), No-Bag Day, Beyond the Bell, and the Special Talent Encouragement Programme (STEP) go beyond the traditional confines of education and encourage students to seek greater knowledge. 

  • Keeping Parents in the Loop:

Online meetings and Campus tours are organized for parents to put their mind at ease about their child's welfare and safety. Parents can track their child's academic progress and remain informed about events and examinations through the school's own user-friendly portal known as 'Eduvate'. In addition, there is a Parent-Teacher Association that addresses parents' concerns and provides quick resolutions.

  • Practical Exposure:

Orchids The International School, Bangalore, believes that learning is not complete until what is learnt is put to practise. Students are provided with many opportunities that encourage a go-getter attitude and develop their leadership qualities, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Learning Kits designed by industry experts, Field Trips, sessions at the in-house Planetarium and activities of the Tech Hub ensure that the learning process is diverse and engaging. From running their own YouTube channel, designing magazines or becoming a radio jockey at Orchid's Podcast, the possibilities are endless.

  • Boarding Schools Available: 

The school also has boarding facilities in Orchid International School, Bangalore and Delhi. These boarding schools help improve interpersonal skills of the students and provide ample space for academic development as well as extracurricular improvement. These schools offer an all-round experience and impart independence to the students

The above mentioned features and facilities offered with the intent of providing an engaging learning space for students have contributed to exceptional Orchids International School reviews.

Reading about these facilities got you wondering about how to get admission into the Orchids International School? We got your back. Let's go through the details about Orchids International School admissions, Orchids The International School fees, and more.

Orchids International School Admission Process:

The admission process across Orchid International Schools in Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Thane, Hyderabad, Chennai, and many other cities is the same. Parents are advised to go through the steps detailed below and have the necessary documents ready for submission. 

Step 1: Fill the enquiry form on the official website of the Orchids International School and choose the branch of your preference. 

Step 2: Connect with the school counsellor and get detailed information about the school fee structure, campus and more. 

Step 3: Purchase the Admission/ Application Kit by paying Rs. 200.

Step 4: Submit the Application form with all the necessary documents.

Step 5: Confirm the admission by paying the Registration Fee (Rs. 1,300) and the Admission Blocking Fee (Rs. 10,000).

Step 6: The admission process culminates with the generation of the enrollment number.

It must be noted that if the admission is for a child pursuing 6th grade and above an online Baseline Assessment Test will be conducted. 

Orchid International School, Bangalore, Fees: 

The school's philosophy dictates that quality education must be provided at affordable fees. The Orchid International School, Bangalore, fees are nominal and fair for the facilities provided.

It must be noted that the Orchids International School fees structure varies between the different campuses of the school and there is notable difference in the fees based on the location of the branch within Bangalore.

Academic Fee Range
Rs. 71,000 - Rs. 85,000
Rs. 83,000 - Rs. 1,35,000
Lower Kindergarten
Rs. 83,000 - Rs. 1,35,000
Upper Kindergarten
Rs. 84,000 - Rs. 1,41,000
Grade 1
Rs. 91,000 - Rs. 1,62,000
Grade 2
Rs. 94,000 - Rs. 1,62,000
Grade 3
Rs. 94,000 - Rs. 1,79,000
Grade 4
Rs. 94,000 - Rs. 1,79,000
Grade 5
Rs. 94,000 - Rs. 1,79,000
Grade 6
Rs. 1,20,000 - Rs. 1,95,000
Grade 7
Rs. 1,15,000 - Rs. 1,95,000
Grade 8 
Rs. 1,35,000 - Rs. 2,05,000
Grade 9
Rs. 1,15,000 - Rs. 1,91,000
Grade 10 
Rs. 1,15,000 - Rs. 1,95,000
Grade 11
Rs. 1,57,000 - Rs. 2,01,000
Grade 12 
Rs. 1,46,000 - Rs. 2,01,000

Given the many choices available, it is wise to make a well-informed decision about your child's education. With schools all over the country, Orchids The International School has gained a reputation as an institution which provides stellar education across all age groups. Orchid International Schools in Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Thane, Hyderabad, Chennai, and many other cities offer excellent facilities and faculties to ensure that your child gets the best education.

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