MAT Exam Preparation Tips 2020

MAT Exam Preparation Tips 2020
4 months ago
MAT Exam Preparation Tips 2020

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is an all-India level entrance exam conducted by the All India Management Association (AIMA). The test is similar, in both structure and areas evaluated, to other entrance exams such as the Common Entrance Test (CAT), Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT), and Common Management Admission Test (CMAT).


In this article, let us look at some of the key areas to focus on as a part of MAT Exam preparation for the year 2020. We shall explore the question paper pattern, strategies for effective preparation, optimum time management during the test itself, and the various resources that you will find useful to prepare for MAT exam 2020

MAT Exam 2020 Question Paper Pattern

One of the most important aspects of MAT Exam preparation is to thoroughly understand the question paper pattern so you can focus on key areas. 


The MAT Exam 2020 question paper is divided into 5 sections with each section carrying 40 questions. All the questions are objective type and students have to choose the right answer from 4 options. 


The five sections are: 


  • Language Comprehension

  • Mathematical Skills

  • Data Analysis and Sufficiency

  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

  • Indian and Global Environment


MAT Exam 2020 Preparation - Strategy

One of the most common and yet effective ways to strategise your MAT Exam preparation for 2020 is to solve sample MAT Exam papers. This way you will know exactly where you stand in terms of the areas you are strong at and the areas you need to focus more. Let?s look at some of the key areas of each section that you need to focus on.

Language Comprehension: 

Under this section, focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary, word substitution, and sentence formation and sentence structures. In this section, you should focus on speed as it is one of the easiest sections and the time you save here can be used for some of the tougher sections.

Mathematical Skills:

Almost all the questions in this section can be answered correctly by using some of the most fundamental mathematical tools such as percentage calculation, LCM and HCF, quadratic equations, basic algebraic principles, and some of the concepts from physics such as speed, distance and time, and vectors. Pay close attention to understanding the question by analysing it thoroughly.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency:

A huge portion of this section is based on different types of charts - pie chart, bar chart, and line chart. Concepts of set theory such as Venn diagrams are also helpful in solving some of the questions. Focus on understanding the fundamentals of these concepts. Also, use rough sheets to draw charts and Venn diagrams to visually depict the data instead of trying to solve it mentally. 

Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: 

This section is all about logic and construction of various assumption-premise-conclusion patterns. Concepts of critical reasoning such as sequencing, visual reasoning, coding and decoding, linear arrangements, and matrix arrangements will come in handy. Just like the previous section, it can be really helpful to visually represent the question on the working sheet than trying to understand the question through imagination. 


Indian and Global Environment: 

This section focuses on the current affairs and aims to test the participant?s knowledge of the latest developments in various areas such as politics, sports, economy, science and technology, entertainment, and the likes. Although there?s no fool-proof way to read about a year?s worth of material as a part of the preparation, you can still go through various websites and magazines to update yourself of the latest developments. Do not fret too much about this section as this will not be considered towards your final percentile.

MAT Exam 2020 Preparation - Time Management

As you might know, the MAT exam is limited to 150 minutes and it is crucial that you allocate optimal time to each of the section. As a rule of thumb, we suggest you spend time on each section as follows:


·         Language Comprehension: 25 minutes

·         Mathematical Skills: 40 minutes

·         Data Analysis and Sufficiency: 35 minutes

·         Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: 35 minutes

·         Indian and Global Environment: 15 minutes

MAT Exam 2020 Preparation - Resources

There are many useful and effective resources for each section of the test to prepare for MAT Exam 2020. The quick search on the internet will yield loads of result. However, you should be aware of the authenticity and credibility of the source and make sure that whenever possible you source the information from official sites such as the AIMA webpage for samples papers. 

For a detailed guide to finding out more about the resources and much more for MAT exam 2020 preparation please refer to the MAT 2020 article.

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