What are the most important things we need to know about college admissions?

What are the most important things we need to know about college admissions?
2 years ago
What are the most important things we need to know about college admissions?

After the completion of 12th, many students would start preparing for college admissions. However, they wouldn't know what are the most important things we need to know about college admissions.

College admission is one of the most crucial stages of a student's life. A wrong choice can greatly affect the future career prospects of a student. Therefore, a student must know all the important things for college admission. 

Moreover, a student needs to analyze all of his options and choose the most suitable one. Therefore a student must also have the knowledge of the most important factors in college admissions. Listed below are all the guidelines and suggestions for the students who need guidance for college admissions.

How soon should a student start applying for college?

Most of the students in India make an early decision about what program they want to study after their 12th. However, they do not think about which college they want to apply until they reach the end of their 12th standard. So how soon should a student start applying for college?

The entrance exam and college application process usually start before students even complete their 12th exam. If a student hasn't decided a particular college or university well ahead before the process starts, then he/ she will face complete confusion and may make a poor decision in haste.

However, if the students conduct a thorough research about different colleges and universities in 11th standard or equivalent, then they will have a clear idea about which college suits their needs. As a result, students can have a clear goal in mind. 

Factors to consider when choosing a college in India:

Before the college admission process starts, there are a lot of things to know about college admission. Selecting the right college is very crucial as an ideal college can act as a catalyst to help the students achieve their goals.

However, only a few colleges have all the favourable factors. Some of the factors to look at when choosing a college are as follows: 

Category of the university or college:

Based on the different factors, the universities and colleges in India are of many different categories. 

Students must consider the type of university and college to which they want to apply. Some types of institutes have higher competition for admission than the others.

The category of the institution is an important criterion for choosing a university or college. Every college has its own admission process. Some of the factors that students must know about different types of universities and colleges are as follows:

Type of University/ College
Designs Own Syllabus
Conducts Own Entrance  Exams
Central University
Deemed to be University
State University
Private University
Autonomous Institute
Autonomous college
Can design only a small percentage of the syllabus
Private college
Government college

The private and government colleges are usually affiliated to the universities. The syllabus of the college is decided by the University.

Accreditation and ranking:

The top organizations that are responsible for assessing the institutions of higher education to accredit and rank them accordingly are as follows:

  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
  • National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)
  • National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

Accreditation and rankings are among the most important factors to consider when choosing a college or university. Based on the accreditation and ranking given by the above organizations, students can find out about the quality of education, infrastructure and facilities provided at the institution. An institute that has a good reputation due to its ranking and accreditation is a good place for students to study. 

Therefore, students must always check the rankings and accreditation given by the organizations to a particular institute before taking admissions. It will help the student greatly to make the right decision. 

Facilities at the institute:

It is crucial to check the facilities provided at the institute for the students. An institute that provides good facilities and proper safety for its students have a better learning environment than those that don't have such facilities. Some of the facilities to consider while shortlisting the institutions are:

  • Library 
  • Hostel
  • Canteen
  • Sports
  • Transport
  • Laboratories
  • College environment
  • IT Facilities 

It would also be helpful to check the amount of encouragement that the college gives to its students to participate in extracurricular activities, competitions, and events. Colleges that conduct more events and competitions usually have a lively atmosphere which helps to reduce the academic stress of the students. Therefore, facilities at the institute are among the top factors to consider when choosing a college. 

Cost of education at the college:

Another important factor to consider when choosing a college or university is the cost of education at that particular college or education. At some institutions, the cost of education is a few thousand, while in others it can be an in lakhs.

The cost of education depends on the following factors:

  • Category of the institution
  • Type of course taken by the student
  • Infrastructure and facilities provided at the institution 
  • Fees required for hostel
  • Transportation cost
  • Cost of books

Students must consider their financial backgrounds and take the appropriate course of action. Students have the option to apply for education loans to pursue their studies at good institutions. Many banks provide education loans to students. 

However, if a student does not want to take loans, and wants to depend on his abilities, then he can apply for scholarship programs to support his education.

Geographical location:

The geographical location of the college can play a huge part in determining the cost of education. Therefore, it is one of the important things to consider when choosing a college. 

If the college is near to the student's residential area, then the student may need to handle only the transportation expenses. However, if the college is far away from the student's residential area, then the student has to stay in the hostel. Moreover, if the college is located on the outskirts of a town or city, then the hostel students may need to travel a lot to visit the city. 

Students who love nature and peace can choose the institutions located on the outskirts of the city. However, students who like to be in a city can choose an institution that is located in one of the city's main areas.

Placement opportunities:

Many students consider placement opportunities as one of the top factors to consider when choosing a college. A college that provides a good placement opportunity can help the students to have a bright career. Some of the ways to analyze if an institution provides good placement opportunities are:

  • Check the median salary package data
  • Check the consistency of placement records in the past few years
  • Check the percentage of students getting placed every year
  • Check the placement reviews of the college given by the students on the internet

A good placement opportunity is a perfect return on investment for any student. It enables the students to start their careers immediately after their graduation. They do not have to waste their time in a job search. 

Moreover, since many students are not aware of the entire job search process, they can lose their path after graduation. However, if they get placed in a company during college placements, they can slowly begin their journey to learn about the corporate world.

Eligibility norms:

The basic eligibility criteria for aspirants of graduation is that the student must have qualified their 10+2. Students who are at the end of their 12th standard can also apply for admission.

However, the marks scored in the 10th or 12th exams are not enough to get admission in a reputed college. Students must qualify in the particular entrance exam that is accepted by the institution of their choice. 

The factors given above are very crucial are the most important things to look for in an ideal college.

College Admissions Guide:

College admission involves several steps and it cannot be completed in a single day. It is the most important decision that a student has to make in his life to ensure a successful future. Given below are things you need to know about college admissions.

Step 1: Choose a career goal

Students must have a clear idea of their skills and talents to choose an appropriate career. Moreover, students should also do a clear research about the daily roles and responsibilities of the career that they are going to choose. If they feel that a particular type of career is suitable for their personality, then they should pursue it. 

After a student has a clear idea of his career goals, it becomes easier to choose a course at the college. Having a clear career goal can help the students to:

  • Analyze their options
  • Plan their education 
  • Practice the skills required for that particular career since a young age
  • Design a clear plan to achieve their goal

Students who do not have a goal can get lost and are left behind. Therefore, it's important to have a career goal for a bright future.

Step 2: List out the best colleges for the particular course

Different colleges offer different types of courses. Moreover, a few colleges are well known for providing a particular type of course in an excellent manner. 

After the students select their career goal, they can start listing out colleges where they have the best chances to succeed. Then they can begin to shortlist the colleges based on the factors to consider when choosing a college in India as given above. 

After finishing the shortlisting of colleges, students can check the selection process of students at different colleges. It would be better for students if they select at least three institutions out of which one would have the top priority.

Step 3: Apply and prepare for the entrance exam and the selection process

Students who want to take a particular course after 12th must appear for the common entrance exams held for that stream. Moreover, different colleges accept scores of different entrance exams. 

Therefore, students should do thorough research about the entrance exams that they must qualify to get admission to their ideal college. Moreover, some exams have more than a single phase. It is important to find out all the details about the entire selection process.

Some entrance exams are more competitive than others. Therefore, students should start early preparation to beat the competition. 

Step 4: Complete the admission process after selection:

After the selection of the candidate, the institution asks to fulfil the admission formalities and pay the admission fee. Therefore, a student must be ready with all the necessary documents asked by the institution while going for completing the admission process.

Step 5: Consider the migration/ transportation options

If the college is located far away, then the student has the option to stay at the college hostel or rent a room out of college. Many students usually prefer the college hostel as it provides more safety and security. 

However, if the institution is located near the student's residential area, then he can choose to travel daily through the college bus or any other transport facility. It is better for the student to choose a transportation option that is cost-efficient, convenient, and eco-friendly. 

The above step by step process of college admission can help the student make the right choice at every stage.

Top tips and tricks for Indian students for college admission:

Here are some of the tips and tricks for students to increase their chances of getting selected in their ideal college. 

  • Start preparing for the entrance exams from 11th standard
  • Practice mock tests for entrance exams
  • Apply for merit scholarships
  • Try to talk to the college seniors and alumni about their experience
  • Use previous achievements in sports to apply for sports scholarships

All of the above facts are the most important things we need to know about college admissions. If students decide their goals at an early age and plan a step by step process to achieve it, then they can have a bright career after they complete their education.

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