How to Prepare for XAT Online

How to Prepare for XAT  Online
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How to Prepare for XAT  Online

The Xavier Aptitude Test or XAT is an online entrance exam for MBA conducted at the national level. Every year the XAT online exam is conducted in the month of January. As the XAT 2022 online exam is just a few months away, students must start their preparation for the exam. An early start can give the students enough time to cover the syllabus and start the revision process. 

Below are the XAT 2022 online exam preparation tips:

XAT Selection Process:

In order to prepare for the XAT 2022 online exam, the students must understand the selection process. The XAT selection process is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Online test
  • Phase 2: Personal Interview and Group Discussion

Students who qualify in the first phase can enter the second phase of the exam. After the second phase, the final list of qualified students is selected based on their overall performance in both the phases. 

XAT Paper Pattern:

An analysis of the paper pattern can give the students a fair idea on how to prepare for the XAT 2022 online exam. It will lay the foundation for forming an effective study plan. The XAT paper pattern is as follows:


No. of questions

Verbal and Logical Ability


Decision Making


Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation


General Knowledge


Divide the Preparation Process:

Dividing the preparation process based on sections can clear a lot of confusion. Moreover, a student can also divide the syllabus within a single section to set definitive and accurate learning goals.

1.Verbal and Logical Ability

The Verbal and Logical Ability tests the language and logical skills of the candidate. Forming a habit of reading can greatly help the students to prepare for the XAT 2022 online exam.

  1. Decision Making
    A student can ace this section with regular practice and mock tests. Practising previous year questions can also be helpful for the student.

  2. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
    A student who has a strong background in mathematics can get very high scores in this section. However, students who do not have a mathematics background just need to master the basic fundamentals as they are enough to solve the questions.

  3. General Knowledge
    The habit of reading the newspaper is of great help to the student. It will not only help with the GK section but also with the verbal skills section.

Use online resources:

There are many online apps and resources that can aid the students in the preparation process. A student can easily download an app that teaches vocabulary daily to prepare for the exam

Maintain a daily study routine:

Students must set a particular timetable and follow it every day without fail. Once a daily study routine is established, there is no need to use a lot of willpower or motivation. A daily routine turns into a habit, and habits do not need motivation. 

It will save a lot of energy for the student, and he can focus solely on studying. If a student finds it difficult to study straight for many hours at a time, he should add a few small breaks in between. 

Identify weak areas:

Almost every student has a weak subject. A student must work more on these weak subjects to get a good result. Some ways to identify ones weak subjects are:

  • Unable to grasp the concepts easily
  • Unable to increase the speed of answering the questions
  • Lack of knowledge about the fundamental concepts in a subject

Once a student identifies his weak subject, he must try to allocate extra time to the subject.

Prepare notes:

Writing down something with focus greatly helps in memory retention. Therefore, it is best to prepare notes on every topic, especially the ones in which the student is weak. 

The notes will act as a helpful guide during the revision process. It may be tempting for a student to skip writing notes sometimes when he feels that he will definitely not forget a concept. However, the student must not give in to such temptations as the possibility of forgetting the concepts is still present.

Undertake Mock Tests:

According to a survey, it is proven that the students who practice mock tests get better results. Moreover, they learn to control their fear of exams. That's the reason why many institutes conduct mock exams. 

Students who are doing self-study must give more importance to mock tests. It will enable them to give a competitive edge to the other students. 

Manage time:

When it comes to competitive exams like XAT, time management is an essential key. Many students do not qualify in competitive exams because they spend too much time thinking about the right answer to a particular question. 

Therefore, it is necessary for a student to give a mock test within a limited time frame that is the same as the real exam. Some tips to master time management:

  • Allot specific time to each question during the daily practice sessions
  • Use a timer to keep track of time
  • Try to be a little faster every day
  • Do not stress out due to the time restriction
  • Be as calm as possible
  • While taking a mock test, skip the questions that take more time than necessary

Don't forget to revise:

Not revising anything a few weeks before exams is like throwing all the hard work into the dustbin. It is the biggest mistake a student can make. Many students later regret not revising as they failed to answer a few questions just because they couldn't remember the entire concept properly.

Therefore, it is crucial to complete multiple rounds of revision before appearing for the exam. Some of the advantages of revision are:

  • It helps to gain a new perspective about a particular concept
  • It helps in a deeper understanding of the concept
  • It enables the students to form a link between multiple concepts 
  • It helps to retain the memory of all the concepts

The above points are the ultimate guide to prepare for the XAT 2022 online exam. Implementing the above tips can help a student to qualify in the first phase of the exam easily.

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