How to Prepare for IIFT 2021

How to Prepare for IIFT 2021
4 months ago
How to Prepare for IIFT 2021

The MBA in International Business has a good scope in today's age of globalization. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is the best institute that offers an MBA in International Business course. However, students who want to study at this institute must pass the IIFT exam. However, many students lack a proper idea about how to prepare for IIFT 2021

IIFT is one of the toughest competitive exams conducted at the national level, and about 50,000 students appear for the exams every year. Students who get good guidance excel at the exam and secure a seat in the IIFT institute easily. Therefore, we have prepared an extensive guide on how to prepare for IIFT 2021. 

IIFT Selection Process:

Before starting the IIFT preparation, it is important to find out the details of the selection process. It helps the students to be better prepared for all the challenges of the process. The IIFT selection process consists of two phases:

  1. Phase-I: Online exam
  2. Phase-II: Essay Writing, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview

The students who qualify in the first phase are eligible to register for the second phase. Therefore, it is important to prepare thoroughly for the first phase of the exam.

IIFT Syllabus: 

The IIFT online exam is similar to any other type of exam. So if a student has already prepared for other entrance exams, they will find it easy to prepare for IIFT. The syllabus of the IIFT exam is also similar to that of other exams. Therefore, it gets easy to find good preparation material for the exam.

The syllabus for the IIFT exam is as follows: 

No. of questions
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
Quantitative Ability
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Since the main syllabus for the exam is clear, students should plan their IIFT preparation strategies based on the syllabus. Below are some IIFT preparation tips

Plan a Proper Schedule:

A proper preparation schedule acts as a guide map for the future. The purpose of designing a schedule is to divide a single large goal into a small number of achievable goals. Some of the tips to plan and design a schedule are as follows:

  1. Explore IIFT 2021 Exam Study Material
  2. Identify strong and weak subjects
  3. Allot more time for the weak subjects
  4. Divide the syllabus into smaller parts
  5. Write down weekly goals
  6. Write down monthly goals
  7. Allot a few days of the month for revision

It would be helpful to paste or attach the schedule at a place where the student can see it regularly. It will remind the student of his goals and motivate him to work harder.

Use different studying strategies for different sections:

Reading the maths subject instead of practising is of no use to the student. Similarly, using the wrong study approach for a particular subject will not do any good for the student. Every subject needs to be approached and understood in a different manner to maximize the learning effects.

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension:

The verbal ability and reading comprehension section test the language skills of a candidate. Some of the tips that can help the students improve their skills in this section are as follows:

  1. Revise the rules of grammar
  2. Learn antonyms and synonyms on a regular basis
  3. Practice different types of reading comprehension
  4. Make reading a habit

Quantitative Ability:

The quantitative ability section tests the problem-solving skills of the students. Only practice can help the students to excel in this section. Here are some tips that can prove helpful to the students to get a good score at this section:

  1. Learn to spot and solve the easy questions first during the mock test
  2. Use shortcut tricks 
  3. Master the easy topics
  4. Find ways to solve difficult questions quickly

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning:

This section is the toughest of all because of its time-consuming nature. Solving the sections in this section requires intense calculations. The following tips can help the students to be quick at this section:

  1. Prioritize solving the easy questions
  2. Learn all the tables till 30
  3. Practice calculation in the mind
  4. Learn calculation tricks

General Knowledge & Current Affairs:

The general knowledge and current affairs section would be easier for those who like to keep themselves updated about the news. However, the students who are not in the habit of following current affairs should use the following tips:

  1. Learn static GK
  2. Read newspaper 
  3. Watch business news
  4. Learn current affairs of the past six months

Practice IIFT mock tests:

It is very easy to find mock tests for IIFT, both online and offline. Mock tests help the students to make personalized strategies for the real exam based on their strengths and weaknesses. Practising mock tests has many other benefits like:

  1. Increase in confidence
  2. Strategy planning
  3. Identification of weak spots
  4. Increase in time management skills 
Learn time management:

Since the duration of the IIFT online exam is just two hours, each question gets approximately one minute. Within a minute, a student must be able to solve the complex problems in the quantitative and data interpretation sections. Therefore, learning time management skills is essential for the IIFT exam. Some of the tricks that can help the students improve their time management are:

  1. Learn maths tips and tricks
  2. Memorize tables, squares, square roots, cube roots, etc. 
  3. Practice fast calculation 
  4. Use a stopwatch while practising problems
  5. Identify the areas that slow down the solving process

Focus on revision:

Revision is a crucial step that must not be skipped at any cost. Many students skip revision as they do not know its importance. However, revision helps the brain to imprint the information in memory. Repeated revision helps the information to move from the short term memory to the long term memory. As a result, students who have revised well are less likely to forget the information even if they panic in the middle of the exam.

The above techniques on how to prepare for IIFT 2021 are used by top students consistently. Consistency is very important to prepare for any exam. Students who study on a daily basis and follow their schedule have better chances to qualify in the IIFT entrance exam.

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