Why Does Every College Student Need a Mentor?

Why Does Every College Student Need a Mentor?
1 year ago
Why Does Every College Student Need a Mentor?

Every achiever is inspired by a mentor but to achieve great things in life, you need a trusted mentor.

Who is a Mentor? 

A mentor is like a ladder to a tall tree, an umbrella on a rainy day, and a boat in the middle of an ocean.

They guide you to pursue your career by providing fair guidance, support, and tools, and the necessary feedback that helps you progress persistently. 

It is essential to have a mentor when you pursue your career. They will not only guide you to pursue the right career choice but also warn you about future shortcomings. 

Advantages of having a Mentor:  

You should look into the advantages of having a mentor before answering the question- how to find a mentor?

  • Mentor for your Professional Life: Just like you need a friend to go through all the twists and turns in life, you also need a mentor for your professional life.

    They provide a valuable aid for achieving career goals by laying down a foundation according to your potential and pushing your limits to the maximum. 

  • You get to Learn from their Mistakes: Of course, everyone has the journey that takes them through various ups and downs.

    But, isn't it better to avoid making mistakes that someone else made while following the same career path?

    A mentor shows their mistakes and ensures that you avoid committing anything similar.

  • Overcoming Weaknesses: Mentors will not only help you develop your strengths but also empower you to overcome your weaknesses by following the best tactics. 

  • Constant Cheerleader: They know exactly where your potential lies. This way, they believe in you and cheer you up even when you can't do it for yourself. 

  • Cementing your Life's Vision: Learning through your mentor's real-life experiences is different from reading books on success.

    They help you make your career decisions based on your life's vision and making you determined for it. 

  • Networking: A mentor with experience will have a lot of connections, both in and out of the industry.
    You can benefit from their vast networking, and these connections can help build your career.

  • Experienced perception: You understand a more experienced perception and start thinking and working in that way.

Finding a College Mentor: 

Every college student needs a mentor to advise them about their career choices.

After understanding the benefits of having a mentor, you need to know how to find a proper mentor for yourself.

Look for the above-mentioned qualities in your mentor and choose the right person who shall help you carve out the preferred career path.

Counselling Experts:  

Considering the above points, your mentor can be anyone. He/ she can be your parent, partner, or mentor. But they may or may not be able to guide you professionally. 

In this case, candidates can go for counselling experts who are trained professionals with a relevant amount of experience in the required field and in guiding aspirants. 

Going for a professional counsellor service will help you engage with a plethora of ideas and ideally carve out your career.

Counsellor Service: 

The asking question: How can I find a proper mentor? can be answered appropriately if students seek professional counselling services. They offer top-notch guidance for a suitable career-path ahead. 

The counsellors discard confusion by objectively talking to the students about their own life decisions. 

They understand a student's potential and scope in the field to come up with suitable options. 

4 Must-Ask Questions to Your Mentor! 

  • What are the opportunities available for me? 

After ensuring that your mentor matches all the categories mentioned above, initiate a conversation about your potentials and choices. 

Ask them about the opportunities available for you to make the best use of your skills.

  • What should my resume look like? 

A mentor knows how to make your resume stand out. Ask them the tips and tricks to enhance your presence on paper.

  • What should my next step be? 

As you understand and follow your mentor's guidance, ask them about the next step. Have a far sight of what you do with them.

Lastly, never hesitate to ask questions and receive criticism from your mentor. They suggest the best options by understanding your choices and contemplating your life goals.


Mentoring can teach you what a book written on success or an article on a successful career path can't. 

Finding a college mentor will expedite your learning and help you start the walk of your career in the right direction.

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