S-VYASA: Decoding the Race to get Placed

S-VYASA: Decoding the Race to get Placed
1 year ago
S-VYASA: Decoding the Race to get Placed

Exams can be stressful, but do you know what can top that?


At S-VYASA University, one can find a dedicated placement cell that takes care of the rigorous process on behalf of its students. 

So, Who Are Eligible?

Students who are registered to full-time programmes at the S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore, and are in their final year are eligible to take part in the recruitment process undertaken by the Training and Placement (T&P) Cell.

Students belonging to earlier batches and having special permission as per the Deferred Placement Policy will also be eligible to take part in the placement process.

All eligible students must register themselves with the T&P Cell. An enrollment fee is charged depending on the course a student is pursuing.


Application Rules:

There are certain rules laid down by the Training and Placement Cell that every student needs to abide by while they undertake the placement procedure. They are mentioned below.

  • All applications to any company are to be made online through the Training and Placement Cell of S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. 

  • If students do not apply to a company through the T&P cell website, they won't be allowed to sit for the placement of that company.

  • A student can apply to a maximum of 25 companies before January 1st.
  • Withdrawal after the deadline is not allowed.

  •  If a student has applied/ pre-registered for any company, attendance is compulsory for the presentation. If any student's attendance falls below 75% in the presentation, they will not be allowed for further processes.

  • Students are prohibited from contacting organizations that visit the university for placements, in an off-campus capacity. Students found doing so will be debarred from applying through T&P and will face disciplinary action.

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Rules for Withdrawing an Application:

Students can withdraw their application from a company, the process is subject to the below-mentioned rules and regulations.

  • Students can withdraw their application to a company only before the last date of application to that company. There will be no withdrawals after that date.

  • A student can withdraw from any number of companies without any limit, but it must be done before the last date for application to that company.

  • Students are allowed to re-apply to a company that they had withdrawn from earlier, only if they have not exceeded their application quota and the last date for application is not over.

  • Each withdrawal from a company will increase a student's application quota by one.
Selection Process:

After the last date for application, the rules mentioned under this section will be applicable.

  • If the gross package is more than Rs. 5 lakhs per annum, a student is allowed to secure only one job. 

  • If the gross package is less than or equal to Rs. 5 lakhs per annum, students are eligible to apply to another company that is offering a gross amount of more than Rs. 5 lakhs per annum.

  • Each eligible student is required to fill in their individual preferences in advance of each placement day. They have to rank the companies they applied to in decreasing order of preference.  

  • With multiple companies visiting the campus, there are chances that a student secures more than one job on the same day. In such cases, the preferences shall be used.

  • The company that the student had given a higher rank to in their preference order, will be the one where they get placed, in case they land with jobs in more than one company on the same placement day.

  • In cases where the student does not fill their preference order, the allotment will be done via an electronic system and they will not be allowed to appear for the placement process for other companies.

  • In cases where a company does not provide its final selection list on the day they visit the campus, or within a week, students will be allowed to appear for the placement process of other companies till their selection.

  • In case a student has already been selected by a company that visited the campus on a subsequent date, and the company that deferred its decision also makes an offer:

  • If more than one result is declared on the same day, the student has the option to choose between the company of the previous day and that of the present day.

  • If the result of the company, which deferred its selection process comes out later than the day when the student gets selected by another company, the offer will be rejected and the company informed.
Pre-Placement Offers:
  • All pre-placement offers have to be immediately reported to the placement office after registration. All such offers must be routed through the placement cell.

  • Students who like the Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) can accept them, but they would be de-registered from the on-campus placement process.

  • If a student rejects the PPO by August 15th, or within one week of the offer (whichever is later) they will be allowed to appear for the on-campus placement process till that company visits the campus.

  • On proactively reviewing the terms and conditions of the PPO, if a student comes across any difference between them and the institute's policy, it should be immediately informed to the placement office.
Now That You Have been Offered a Job, What Next?

Selected students get notified via text messages or emails. The student then has to accept the offer by clicking on the required link on the T&P Cell student login page within 24 hours of the result.

If the offer is not accepted by the student within 24 hours, it will be communicated to the company via their online account with T&P. So, students are advised to immediately accept the offer through the portal.

Irrespective of whether the offer gets accepted or not, one will not be allowed to participate further. However, students are advised to not sign an offer letter under a company's pressure without first accepting it on the placement portal.

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