Factors to Consider While Choosing a School

Factors to Consider While Choosing a School
1 year ago
Factors to Consider While Choosing a School

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. It is a stepping stone that opens avenues for a better tomorrow. 

The journey of education begins from a school. It is the first institute where children learn all the primary but essential details about education and life.

Every child's second home, a school is a secure and encouraging place where they spend most of their childhood. 

A teacher is like a second parent, mentor, and friend. They educate and guide students with their learnings and capabilities.

It is necessary to choose the right school to ensure the progressive learning and growth of a child. 

What to look for in a School?

As a parent, you'd only want your child to receive the best education and continuous growth. School being a foundation for learning, it is essential to choose the finest one. 

As a parent, there are various things we see in school because we want the best for our children. 

Here are the factors to consider when choosing a school for your child:

School Ranking/ Rating: 

Children must receive fundamental learning from a top school. The ranking of the school determines its quality based on multiple judging criteria. 

While you cannot entirely rely on them, you can use them as a guide or reference for making a decision. Do thorough research on the school online and take reviews from current students and their parents.

Have a clear picture of the reputation and online presence of the school. It will serve as one of the essential factors to consider when choosing a school for your child. 

Facilities Provided: 

Verify all the facilities provided by the institute in both academics and sports sector before admitting your child.

They must have basic amenities like a diverse library for research, a school infirmary, counselling services, an auditorium, and more.

Understand what sets the school apart from the others, facility-wise and confirm if they maintain modern methods of studying based on conventional education.

Several kids play schools in Karnataka have introduced daycare facilities at school after educational hours for working parents.

Teachers/ Staff: 

Each child has different educational needs. Ensure that your child gets the required amount of attention and a developing learning experience.

Check the student-teacher ratio. The case should not be as such that there is only one teacher over 70 students. 

Assure that the teachers/ staff are polite, understanding, and qualified. Rudeness or negligence should not be a part of their teaching program.


It is one of the significant things we see in a school while choosing one. Ensure that the playground is of a considerable size, the campus is well maintained, classrooms are tidy and inspiring, and bathrooms are clean. 

A value and activity-based child-friendly infrastructure increases the attendance and interest of a student. It reflects in children being motivated to go to school and improves their performance.

Extracurricular Activities: 

Amidst the confusion of what to look for in a school, a strong base for extracurricular activities must be one of the top preferences.

The core academics should be strong, but extracurricular activities should be considered of equal importance. 

The extracurricular activities and activity-based clubs allow students to explore an undetected field of interest and build a varied and vast skill set.

It helps them choose their hobbies and career path in the future.

Fee Structure: 

Investment in education is never a loss. Although, it is necessary to invest in appropriate educational returns.

Often, there is a misconception that schools that cost higher give better education. It may not always be accurate. 

Schooling has gotten expensive. Best schools may come at a higher price. Look for an institute that charges reasonable fees and provides a worthy education. 

There are several primary and secondary schools in Karnataka that give comparatively better education at a lower price.

Location & Commute:

Lesser travelling time results in more productive hours. Children should spend most of their time playing and learning. 

The location of the school is vital. Finding a school within a convenient radius will reduce their commute time. 

The school should not be in a commercial or industrial area. A locality with little to no noise would be the best choice. 

By choosing an easy/ closer located school, parents save their money and children make the most of each day.

Education Board: 

The syllabus is different in each education board based on studies, ease, and opportunities.

Assess your child to understand which board suits them the best to increase their capabilities and interest.

Depending on your child's skill-set and potential to learn, you can choose a preferred board. 

They range from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), International Baccalaureate program (IB), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

School Policies:  

The policies and procedures should be transparent to the parents and beneficial for students. 

Institute must practice a higher level of discipline by formulating policies that are not abusive in a physical, mental, or emotional manner. 

A school must have a safe, healthy, and stress-free environment for a child's growth and learning process. 

They should keep themselves from any sort of favouritism and partiality and should stand against racism, casteism, gender inequality, and judgments to promote equality and unity.

Special Concerns:

Check how the school deals with students with health or physical concerns like asthma, limping, or other issues.

Also, check their responsive actions taken against bullying, hitting, and other alarming concerns that can hinder your child's growth.

Tips to Choose Right School:

There are various things we see in school before choosing one. Here are a few tips to choose right school:


While core education is the primary criteria, other institutional and personal factors hold equal importance. 

In today's world, kids are required to be aware of most of the aspects. They need to be smart academically while creating a strong base for activities and technology.

Now that you know how to choose a school for your child, the experience of picking the right institution would not be as daunting or confusing.

Exercise your responsibility and enrol your child in the best school to build a strong base for their future.

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