Facebook Campus: Facebook’s All-New Section for College Students

Facebook Campus: Facebook’s All-New Section for College Students
1 month ago
Facebook Campus: Facebook’s All-New Section for College Students

We have all known Facebook as our go-to social media platform. Over the years, it has evolved to provide us with new and exciting features. Once again, it hasn't disappointed with its new feature of creating a dedicated space for college students on its App. 

Facebook has launched the Facebook Campus on its mobile application that helps students to interact with each other and indulge in college-related activities. Through the Facebook Campus feature, Facebook facilitates student interactions in a smooth-manner. College communities shall benefit from this feature as it makes the students closely-knit over common interests. The section shall allow the generation of exciting ideas, which the students can look forward to working on. 

The section was introduced owing to the pandemic wherein campus-life, an essential part of a student's life, got replaced by virtual classes. Campus-life allows students to interact with a variety of students and helps them participate in various activities. It all got curtailed due to the raging pandemic. Facebook owes its roots to the benefits of campus-life as its idea sprouted from the discussions that the founders had during their college life. Therefore, it wants to take back students to one of the best days of life that they are missing. 

How does Facebook Campus work?

Students have to create a separate campus profile, which will be different from their main Facebook profile. Facebook shall ensure no links whatsoever between their profiles and the profile in the Facebook Campus section. 

For their college profile, students will need their college email and graduation year. In addition to this, there is optional information that a student can provide. These are details about Major & Minor, Classes, and Hometown. After uploading this information, Facebook Campus shall help students to connect with their classmates who share the same interests as theirs. Any kind of content shared on Facebook Campus shall be only visible to students on the Facebook Campus section. 

Interesting features of Facebook Campus:

Facebook Campus packs in some interesting features to allow students to experience a real college-life from their homes. It strives to make it as real as possible with these interesting features. 

  • Campus dedicated News Feeds: Students can plan out study groups, events, and much more on this platform. They will get college-specific updates from classmates and groups. College events are made easy with these specific updates.
  • Campus Interactions: College is the place where we meet and make new friends. Facebook Campus allows this wherein students will be able to meet new people and make friends. It arouses the excitement of interacting and sharing ideas with new people every day.
  • Campus Chats: Facebook Campus provides Campus Chats, which is a real-time chat room for students. Chat Rooms can be created for clubs, classes, and any group of the campus. 

Campus-life shapes our character through interaction and the sharing of new ideas and thoughts. These activities help us to see things from a different perspective. Facebook Campus is trying to replicate the same experience on its App, which will help students to live an exciting part of their life in the fullest manner possible. 

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