Broadvision World School (BVWS), Hennur

Broadvision World School (BVWS), Hennur
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Broadvision World School (BVWS), Hennur

Over the years, education has evolved by leaps and bounds. The advent of technology and the internet have largely transformed the way we see and learn things.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous shift in the approach to education. From the teacher-centric approach in conventional education to the emphasis on student-centered learning, education has become an indispensable tool that enlightens and empowers students.

As much as what they learn is important, where they learn is equally important. The kind of environment a child is exposed to in their formative years has a lasting impact on their personalities and capabilities as an individual in the future.

So, it's important for parents to choose a school that creates a learning environment that can shape these young minds into responsible and successful individuals. Let's enter the blog and get to know all about one of the leading schools in the city of Bangalore, the Broadvision World School (BVWS). 

The Vision:

The Broadvision World School, Hennur, was established with a vision to provide a vibrant learning environment with a range of opportunities that empowers its students with life skills and facilitates the path to realizing their full potential. The essence of the BVWS ethos is captured in the school's motto of 'Knowledge with Action to Succeed'.

True to the school's philosophy of 'Explore, Engage, Learn', BVWS prioritizes the best interest of its students in every step of learning, which is reflected in all aspects, from faculty selection to curriculum design. The school is committed to creating a community of Broadvisionites who are socially responsible independent thinkers and lifelong learners with multidimensional skill sets.  

The school and its management are guided by the Advisory Council and the Governing Council which comprises eminent personalities who have decades of experience in the education field and have worked with prominent educational institutions in the country.

The Broadvision World School Campus:

The campus of the school consists of dedicated sections for different grades, designed with a view to meet the varied needs of students in these grades. 

  1. Kindergarten Section:

The vibrant Kindergarten section of the school is a space for play-based learning with an emphasis on hands-on activities. The teaching methodology focuses on interactive learning through songs, storytelling, puppetry, dance, art and craft activities, and field trips.

  1. The Primary School (Grade I to V):

The curriculum for the Primary School focuses on holistic learning that sensitizes young minds to the environment around them. The school aims to nurture an interest in its students to learn and think beyond textbooks.

The Primary School at the BVWS is a space for students to explore their interests through activities that facilitate gaining comprehensive Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. Library sessions, Spelling and Handwriting classes, Mental Math sessions, Storytelling-based learning for Science and Social Science, Computer Lab sessions are part of the curriculum. There is also an emphasis on Physical Education, Sports, Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance, which makes learning fun and engaging. Field trips and Nature Walks organized regularly aids experiential learning.

  1. The Middle School (Grade VI to VIII):

The Middle School focuses on building a strong foundation for lifelong learning. The curriculum follows an approach that facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the world and aims to empower the students with knowledge, self-awareness and life skills to face the world. There is a focus on holistic learning of academic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc. Students also get to work on and improve their Communicative skills and General Knowledge. The academic year is filled with many Extracurricular activities involving Arts and Crafts, Sports, Music, Dance, Club Activities, and many more.

Why Choose the Broadvision World School (BVWS):


Located in the neighbourhood of Hennur, in the city of Bangalore, the school provides state-of-the-art educational facilities on its 2-acre campus. The school provides safe and reliable transport facilities which make it convenient for students from different parts of the city to commute.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the school includes a number of smart classrooms, well-equipped science laboratories, modern computer laboratories with internet facilities, spacious auditoriums, playgrounds, and hygienic toilet facilities.

Digital Classrooms:

To accommodate the needs of the changing world, and to widen the scope of learning and understanding beyond textbooks, classrooms at BVWS are equipped with the latest digital technologies in the education field. These classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated, with a teacher-student ratio that enables focused learning.

Well-equipped Library:

The school has a well-stocked library with qualified librarians that aim to inculcate reading habits in students. Every grade has dedicated Library Sessions that provide a calm learning environment that encourages students to expand their reading and knowledge to beyond textbooks. 

Modern Computer and Science Labs:

Students have access to modern Computer Labs and well-equipped Science Labs. Computer Labs provide an opportunity for students to gain skills relevant to the digital world from a young age. Science Labs kindle the interest of students to experiment with concepts that they learn within classrooms.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

After thorough discussion and planning, the annual calendar is made available to everyone, right at the start of the academic year. The events and activities are designed in a way that catches the interest of its students and makes them proactive in their learning process. Assessment Dates, Term Exam Dates, Parents-Teacher Meeting (PTM) dates, and so on, are mentioned in the annual calendar. This allows the students and parents to know well in advance about the happenings of the year and plan accordingly.

Extracurricular Activities:

The Broadvision World School, Hennur, strongly believes that balancing academics with extra-curricular activities is critical to overall personality development. Every academic year encompasses field trips, community service, celebrations, cultural events and sports activities. The school encourages its students to actively participate in all such events, to explore their interests and bring out their unique talents and skills.

Activity Area:

The school organizes a number of art and craft activities for every grade to make the learning process interesting and engaging. Students are encouraged to explore their creative interests by participating in various activities such as Craft Making, Painting, Fruit Carving, Mug Painting, Nest-Making, and so on.

Play Area and Playgrounds:

Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum. The school provides lively and cheerful play areas for kindergarten, along with spacious and safe playgrounds for the Primary and Middle Schools. At the BVWS, the all-around well-being of students is a priority. Students get to participate in a number of sports activities that inculcate values of leadership and team spirit.

Clubs Activities and Dance Room:

The school has clubs that encourage the different interests of the students. They organize activities throughout the academic year that make the learning process interesting and engaging. These clubs provide a space for students to gain various life skills that contribute to their overall personality development. 

Safe and Secure Campus:

Right from its inception, the school has strictly adhered to the regulations and guidelines issued by various authorities to ensure the safety and security of its students. The campus is well-protected to create a safe learning environment for the students. 

Teaching Staff at BVWS:

The School Management takes utmost care in the selection of its teaching staff as it understands that the vision and mission of the school can be made possible only through proficient teachers who also believe in the same. The faculty at the Broadvision World School, Hennur, comprises highly-qualified teachers who are committed to providing quality education to their students. The staff also includes a qualified career counsellor who provides guidance to students throughout the course of the academic year.

Broadvision World School Admission Process:

Admission at the Broadvision World School (BVWS) is a 3-step process. Parents are advised to refer to the age criteria before registering for admission and the list of documents required to be submitted during the admission process.

Step 1: Registration

As the first step, parents have to fill and submit an enquiry form at the school for registration of the candidate. Once the registration is complete, parents will be intimated over the phone about the date and time to visit the school for an assessment.

Step 2: Assessment

The parents and the child have to visit the school on the allotted date and time for an informal verbal and written assessment. Admission will be confirmed after the evaluation of the assessment.

Step 3: Admission

Once a candidate is selected, parents should fill in the Admission Form and submit the necessary documents within the next three working days.

Age Criteria for Admission:

Every class has an entry age as of June 1st in the year of admission.

Entry Age (As of June 1st)
3 Years
Lower KG
4 Years
Upper KG
5 Years
Grade I
6 Years
Grade II
7 Years
Grade III
8 Years
Grade IV
9 Years
Grade V
10 Years
Grade VI
11 Years
Grade VII
12 Years
Grade VIII
13 Years
Fee Structure:

The school follows a policy of providing quality education at affordable fees. The school levies a nominal fee for all grades. 


Every parent dreams of providing the best education to their child. They spend their hard-earned money today with the hope of a bright future for their child tomorrow. It's wise to ensure that money spent is money invested. Choosing the right institution for your child's schooling sets a solid foundation for their future. The Broadvision World School is the right place that nurtures the dreams and aspirations of your child, building them into socially responsible and competent individuals.

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