Acting As A Career

Acting As A Career
3 weeks ago
Acting As A Career

"Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there"

- Meryl Streep

How many times has it occurred that you discovered a sparkling talent hidden in you?

In the bridge of learning and exploring, have you discovered the art of acting? 

If you are among those who enjoy acting in front of the mirror or participating in school drama, then you are on the way towards carving your name in the most entertaining industry in the world.

The most versatile of all professions is acting as it keeps evolving and changing with time. The acting profession is never static and requires a lot of effort, focus and hard work. Because of the diversity in language and culture, Actors are widely enjoyed by the audience in India.

To know if you fit in the frame, it is significantly necessary to delineate the process of becoming a professional Actor. 

Keep the spotlights on because this blog will help you answer the question- How to start an acting career?


Turn the spotlight on to kickstart your acting career. 

A career in acting requires sheer passion and attention to detail. To step into the acting industry, one must master the skills of becoming a professional Actor. 

A student who is about to begin an acting career should explore the industry a bit more. Of course, watching movies always helps in understanding the different ways one can enact a scene or a situation.

Yet, to widen their knowledge, students should also explore the backstage of the film industry to know the nitty gritties of this exciting field. 

With opportunities so vast, students should seize the stage anytime and anywhere. Whatever gives an aspiring Actor the chance to perform will always help in sculpting the perfections required in acting and find answers to the question- How to become an Actor?

Knowledge and memory are the two vital aspects an Actor requires. Throughout the journey of practising how to act, an Actor will have to improve their memorization skills as it helps in remembering lines or dialogues. 

Alas, an aspiring Actor's journey also requires them to hammer a unique skill such as bike riding, swimming, martial arts, singing, dancing, playing an instrument etc. Hone a skill to stand out among others in the industry. 


Keep Rolling until you find the right stage.

Rolling a camera is mandatory during a film shoot, isn't it?

The rolling of a camera records the action of an Actor. Likewise, rolling your vision diligently will help you give the finest shot.

Students who wonder how to start an acting career can pursue an acting course. A professional course or degree will always help them explore opportunities in the industry. 

In the era of black and white, there were no or handful of acting/ drama schools to master the skills in performing arts. Although, not everyone had the freedom to choose acting as a career. 

Today, the acting industry in India is houseful and to grab a premium seat in top acting schools will require a good deed of effort and qualification. 

Top 5 Acting Schools in India:
Film and Television Institute of India  
Barry John Acting Studio  
Ramanaidu Film School
National School of Drama 
New Delhi 
Bangalore School of Speech And Drama

The above-mentioned acting schools will help students to know how to become a Film Actor. These top acting schools offer acting courses at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral levels.   

Undergraduate Courses:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in Drama
3 Years
Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons.) in Acting
3 Years
Bachelor of Theatre Arts (BTA)
3 Years

Eligibility: Candidates should have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 45% aggregate from a recognized board of education.  

Postgraduate Courses:

Master of Arts (MA) in Indian Theatre
2 Years
Master in Film Technology (M.F.Tech) 
2 Years

Eligibility: Candidates should have passed a BA in Acting or any other degree with a minimum of 45% aggregate from a recognized university.

Doctoral Courses:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Dramatics
3 Years
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Indian Theatre
3 Years

Eligibility: Candidates should have passed a masters degree with a minimum of 45% aggregate from a recognized board or university.

While wondering how to become an Actor, students can always consider these courses to complete their education in acting.

Be it a phase where a student is confused whether to pursue this field or is struggling in an industry where it's tough to break in, learning to master acting skills shouldn't stop. 


The lights are on, the camera is rolling and the frame is ready!

The movie is still in the interval but the story is never-ending. Practice makes perfect and, the more you absorb acting into your life, the more you become the best version of yourself.  Thinking of how to become a film Actor and what steps to take, one can have various fields to continue an acting career. 

Some of the top acting careers are:

  • Actor
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Theatre Artist

More than the resources one carries, the individual who is performing on the stage or the frame has the power to make the audience awestruck. 

Earning equally to the weight of the talent portrayed will give the deserved fame in the industry.

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