10 things to do before applying to an MBA College

10 things to do before applying to an MBA College
3 months ago
10 things to do before applying to an MBA College

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most pursued degrees worldwide. MBA aspirants often prepare for a year to get into their dream MBA college. The degree has a thorough application process, which requires candidates to fulfil certain requirements. If someone is looking for an MBA abroad, then the application process is going to be more intense.

Getting an MBA degree is a big step for a student's academic, personal and professional life. Therefore, it is important to do a few things before one can apply to a top MBA College.  

The MBA programme provides brilliant career opportunities. It gives a great career start as well a good shift to your career. It is a difficult course, which requires you to crack difficult competitive entrance exams. 

Before applying for a college, the points mentioned below will help you to make the right decision and make you successful in the field.

  1. Research about the college:

    A candidate would probably know which college to apply to study MBA. It would have been their dream college, but at the same time, it is quite important to know about the college. It is important to find out about the MBA program. 

    Talking to the alumni of the college with an MBA degree might help. Talking to the present students and knowing about the faculty and infrastructure is also helpful. The candidates are required to look out for the placement records. It will be quite beneficial for someone if they take admission after knowing these things. 

  2. Select your specialization: 

    It is important to know why one wants to do an MBA. They should know what subject in the degree interests them. Initially in the MBA programme, the students will be taught about the basics of finance and business administration. 

    Students are required to choose a specialization. Therefore it is important to know what is their area of interest. Career, job opportunities and higher studies depend on the specialization a candidate undertakes in their MBA degree. Hence, it is important to select it carefully. 

  3. Considering GMAT and GRE scores seriously:

    Most of the MBAs will need the GMAT or GRE scores. GMAT is an important screening tool in a crowd of highly qualified candidates. Suppose a candidate plans to take the GRE test then that is too, a valuable alternative. 

    The GRE test consists of questions that will reflect the kind of thinking that is needed for graduating from a business school. They can take up special classes that will help them to prepare rigorously for these two exams. The results for both the tests are valid for 5 years from the date of results. 

  4. Check your eligibility:

    It is important to check the eligibility criteria before applying for an MBA. Candidates should have completed graduation in any discipline or equivalent from a recognised university. Students in the final year of their graduation can also apply for MBA, provided they can show proof that they will graduate within the course time allotted by the college or university. 

    Generally, an MBA programme needs an average of 50% score in graduation. Also, one should see whether they have all the required documents for the application process. 

  5. Preparation for the admission interview:

    After students have undertaken any of the competitive MBA exams, they are required to submit their documents and will be called for the second round of the selection process. This round includes the group discussion stage and personal interview. 

    Preparing for this process is valuable. In the interview, the candidates need to have a clear idea about why they have chosen an MBA in that particular business school. They have to talk in-depth about their career goals and interests. Topics like leadership, entrepreneurship and cultural fit are important for the interview. 

  6. Improve your Vocabulary: 

    If English is not your first language, then you would probably be required to brush up your vocabulary. TOEFL and IELTS are the most well-known English examinations. Check the minimum criteria the university expects and what exams scores they accept. 

    After this, you can decide on what exam to undertake. If your English skills are not perfect, then consider taking up a course to brush up your English skills. The language is something that is quite important to thrive and survive in the industry.

  7. Keep in mind the deadlines and application fees: 

    After you choose your college/ university, you have to keep in mind certain deadlines regarding the MBA admission process. Check documents submission deadlines. Keep in mind about your English proficiency exam dates and other MBA exam dates, like CAT, GMAT, SNAP, etc. Candidates are also required to check their application fees. 

  8. Start building your network:

    It is important to build up a network if you want to have a career in the chosen field. As an MBA aspirant, networks can help you to research about the different B-schools and support you throughout your career. Connecting with seniors helps in gaining helpful information about the institution. This will help you get notes, tips and tricks. After graduating, the networks may help in finding job opportunities. 

  9. Undertake short-time courses:

    Online courses help the candidates to add more value to an MBA degree. These courses should be related to the MBA specialization you plan to undertake. If an engineering background student plans to have a career in a specific specialization, then doing a course related to the chosen specialization will add more value. 

  10. Brush up the basics: 

    After you take admission into a good B-school the staff and the professors will assume that you already know the basics of the syllabus. The professors will be of superior intellect. Therefore, even before the course commences, you should know about the first term syllabus and the projects.

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