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Students from Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is located in the south eastern part of the Indian Peninsula. Its capital is Chennai, formerly known as Madras is the largest city. The state is bordered with the Union territory of Pondicherry, Kerala on the west, Andhra Pradesh in the north and Karnataka in the north west. The southernmost tip is Kanyakumari and the long eastern coastline flecked with captivating and enthralling beaches with Bay of Bengal in the east, Arabian Sea bounded in the west and Indian Ocean in the south. Being the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state, it has the second largest state economy in India as of reports of 2012. Tamil is the state language but Hindi and English are widely understood and spoken by many. Tamil Nadu boasts of many forested slopes and the majestic hills of the Western Ghats, magnificent temples, vibrant festivals of music and dance and the glistening silk fabrics of brilliant colours. It is the cradle to the Dravidian culture and art which shows proficiently in the form of glorious and historic temples, gateways, intricate carvings all across the state.

There is wide array of fauna and flora across the state. With a host of wild life sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, National Parks, Tiger and Elephant Reserves, the state does keep any stone unturned to reserve the natural beauty of the place.

Tamil Nadu experiences Tropical climate with variations in summer and winters. April to June are the hottest months and November to February are the coolest. Temperature at this time is quite pleasant and the best time to travel also.

Coming to the education industry and scenario in the state, during the British rule, the education system could not much prosper and was restricted to very few members of the family. It was only in the mid-19th century that several educational institutions were established across the state. Tremendous improvement in the field of education has made this state a favourite destination and hub for mid-level and higher education. A literacy rate of 80.33% is seen compared to 2001 census which records 73.45% literacy.

Apart from the conventional courses, this state is also known for institutes with equipped world class facilities offering professional degree courses and certificates which gives new dimension to the career of the students. The best of education is available in cities like Chennai and Coimbatore where students come from all over the world to pursue their higher studies.

The standard of learning of children mainly depends on the teacher pupil ratio, quality of teaching, school infrastructure and facilities etc. A recent study has shown considerable amount of drop In the above mentioned factors in many of the schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu which still needs to be addressed.

The gap or lacuna is particularly severe in the context of the failure to provide quality, improved and satisfactory education to the students. These critical matters should be addressed by the government as soon as possible to revive and bring the best out of all the students for their great future.

Large number of students from the state come to Bangalore for higher studies as the growth and opportunities are endless in terms of education and job placements. Let us know the reasons for it.

Reasons for studying in Bangalore:

Bangalore also known as the garden city is India's third most populous city and Silicon Valley of India. Located on the southern part of India, Bangalore enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year due to high elevation. The city is also very green unlike many other Indian metropolitan cities. Bangalore is one of the fastest growing city in India and world too so a lot of opportunities exists for youngsters, So by studying in Bangalore, students get a better exposure.

The recruitment rate is quite good in this fast emergent city, it provides the students a platform to choose the best of careers. Bangalore is very famous among youngsters, and most sought out destination for higher education in India. The institutions have excellent teaching environments. The faculties are friendly and are ready to reach out to the problems of the students without any delay. Along with rigorous campus studies and projects, a student also finds quantity time for relaxation.

Talking about relaxation, Bangalore is a storehouse of a massive variety of international cuisines, pubs and shopping malls and a reason for the generation of a lot of disposable income by the young people in the city. Bangalore is located close to various tourist hubs such as Mysore, Mangalore, Goa, Ooty and many more. The artistic side of the city is very inspiring as there are historic palaces, old temples and palaces and monuments. Bangalore is a well planned city. Numerous multinationals have their base here. Some of them being IBM, TCS, INFOSYS and WIPRO. This also gives students opportunity to study by co-existing with job environments. And so, institutions are coming up in large numbers using the large level of campus recruitment.

As a booming IT and Financial hub, Bangalore is considered quite expensive city in India. Nevertheless students live in reasonably cheap University hostels and youth hostels. The travel and food are also reasonable. Students from all over the country as well as world come to Bangalore to pursue to long cherished dreams. Studying in Bangalore proves to be a pleasurable experience for students as the student life is very enjoyable due to diversity of culture.

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