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Students from Mizoram

Mizoram, one of the members of the seven sisters that coalesce to form northeast India, is bordered by the states of Assam, Tripura and Manipur. The state also shares an international boundary with Myanmar and Bangladesh. Sandwiched between Myanmar in the east and south and Bangladesh in the west, Mizoram occupies an area of strategic importance in the north eastern corner of India. It has a common boundary of 630 miles with Burma and Bangladesh. It is a mountainous region; the hill ranges running towards the north and south directions to rise in the east of the territory and tapering both to the north and south.

Mizoram meaning the land of Mizos.

Mizoram is a potential storehouse of natural beauty with its endless variety of landscape, hilly terrains, meandering streams deep gorges, rich wealth of flora and fauna. World-renowned for their hospitality, Mizos are a close-knit society with no class distinction and no discrimination on grounds of sex. The entire society is knitted together by a peculiar code of ethics 'Tlawmngaihna' a term meaning on the part of everyone to be hospitable kind, unselfish and helpful to others.

The upper part of the hills are, predictably cold, cool during the summer, while the lower reaches are relatively warm and humid. Storms break out during March-April, just before or around the summer.

Education Scenario of Mizoram

Mizoram being a small state has no much scope in terms of education though there have been continuous improvements seen in the last decade. Nevertheless, youngsters prefer to move out of the place for higher education and better opportunities.

Students or professionals who move out of the hills find it difficult in the already competitive employment market outside. It is, thus, required of them to hunt for jobs and at the same time come to terms with the changing socio - cultural scenario relocation or migration brings to the lives of the migrants.

Bangalore also known as the garden city is India's third most populous city and Silicon Valley of India. Located on the southern part of India, Bangalore enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year due to high elevation. The city is also very green unlike many other Indian metropolitan cities. Bangalore is one of the fastest growing city in India and world too so a lot of opportunities exists for youngsters, So a better exposure.

The recruitment rate is quite good in this fast growing city, it provides you a platform to choose the best of careers. Bangalore is very famous among youngsters, and most sought out destination for higher education in India. The institutions have excellent teaching environments. The faculties are friendly and are ready to reach out to the problems of the students without any delay. Along with rigorous campus studies and projects, a student also finds quantity time for relaxation.

Talking about relaxation, Bangalore is a storehouse of a massive variety of international cuisines, pubs and shopping malls and a reason for the generation of a lot of disposable income by the young people in the city. Bangalore is located close to various tourist hubs such as Mysore, Mangalore, Goa, Ooty and many more. The artistic side of the city is very impressive as there are historic palaces, old temples and palaces and monuments.

Bangalore is a well planned city. Numerous multinationals have their base here some one them being IBM, TCS, INFOSYS and WIPRO. This also gives students opportunity to study by co-existing with job environments. And so, institutions are coming up in large numbers using the large level of campus recruitment.

As a booming IT and Financial hub, Bangalore is considered quite expensive city in India. Nevertheless students live in reasonably cheap University hostels and youth hostels. The travel and food are also reasonable. Students from all over the country come to Bangalore to pursue to long cherished dreams. Student life is very enjoyable in Bangalore mainly due to diversity of culture.

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