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Pharm D Colleges in Bangalore

Pharmacy is a paramedical field deals with all the direct and indirect aspects of medicines from development of new molecule to launch in the market.

A Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy. In some countries, it is a first professional degree, and a prerequisite for licensing to exercise the profession of pharmacist. This course is related with patient counseling and prescribing right drug with right dosage.

PHARM.D is introduced in India very recently. With the introduction of Pharm.D.programme (strong presence in colleges of Karnataka), qualified candidates are in a better position to take-up and practice this rewarding profession in India as well as foreign countries and be prepared to take on specialized roles in the emerging healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in India. The response is very encouraging and in just a few years of rolling out this course, an immense response from students has been received who are pursuing an alternate yet very serious career in the healthcare segment. The response for this course has been very good from the students coming from other states and other countries as well.

This Course promises a lot of potential. Pharmacists now have many career options to choose from. They could be found at the local convenient store dispensing medications written by your doctor, mixing and verifying intravenous and nutritional solutions in the hospital, as well as contributing to cutting-edge medication research.

Due to the diversity in career paths for a pharmacist, many pharmacy schools now offer dual-degree programs such as a joint PharmD / JD program, PharmD / MBA program, and a PharmD / MPH program.

A Pharm.D graduate could find jobs mostly related to the clinical force of India. With gradual amendments being made in the health care industry, the Pharm.D graduate could play an active role in heading the Hospital Pharmacy Setting (Hospital Setting/ Hospital Pharmacy). They can enter in the field of R&D, F&D, production, clinical research, IPR, regulatory affairs, sales, marketing, lectureship and many more. One will never find these much career choices after their graduation.

The qualified Pharm.D graduate has the opportunity to work as Qualified Clinical Pharmacists in hospitals and nursing homes. This helps both the patients as well as doctors in so many different ways including the choice of best drugs, avoidance of drug interactions, allergies, toxicities and so on. The response for this course has been very good from the students coming from across India and foreign countries. Unfortunately, there is no much awareness about this programme in India, but with the rate of advancement in this field we hope to see a brighter and a perkier future in coming years.

Pharm. D. Post Baccalaureate programme

It is three years programmeafter B. Pharm which involves two years of study and one year internship or residency. This course can be pursued by B.Pharm completed students.

The course is approved by PCI. After completion of the course the candidates can work fully as an integrated member of the health care team and help maximize drug efficacy, minimize drug toxicity and promote cost effectiveness.

A recent survey in Times of India can clarify the doubts in an individual regarding the career prospects after Pharm D

The colleges offering Pharm D 3 years course in Bangalore

  • Acharya B.M. Reddy College of Pharmacy
  • Aditya Bangalore Institute for Pharmacy Education & Research
  • Al Ameen college of Pharmacy
  • Krupanidhi college of Pharmacy
  • Karnataka College of Pharmacy
  • Oxford College of Pharmacy
  • PES College of Pharmacy
  • RR College of Pharmacy
  • Visweswarapura Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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