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Nursing is considered as one of the noblest professions in the world. We often recall the name of Florence Nightingale or famously known as "The lady with the lamp" as she was the founder of this modern nursing. Caring for sick people with the help of good medical facilities forms a vital component of this profession.

The duties of a nurse are various which cover an extensive range of functions and responsibilities which includes starting from the basic role of taking care of patients by providing medication, keeping records of the patient's progress, setting up and operating medical equipment to senior roles like managing a special group of people like psychiatric, pediatric, intensive care patients etc. As this field needs both mental and physical strength, a Nurse's basic skill should include patience and courage along with service mentality who are ready to work in a dynamic health care environment. Nursing is a noble profession, which needs lot of compassion and understanding of the needs of the patient's. This profession is generally dominated by women force as they are considered to be the epitome of compassion. A wide list of nursing colleges in Bangalore offer BSc and MSc in Nursing. These colleges offer the best quality studies in the town resulting in outcome of good amount of quality nurses in the town.

There is a whole list of nursing colleges in Bangalore that nourishes students from all over the world despite of discrepancies and help our country with talented Nurses. Hundreds of students flock to Bangalore to study medical science from all over the globe due to quality of education at a comparatively cheaper fee structure. Due to high demand in this profession, several nursing colleges in Bangalore have been established so that the dream of any child pursing this may not get ignored. There are times when students fall prey to fake agents or individuals who mislead them by hoaxing them into believing that they could get an admission in any of the list of nursing colleges in Bangalore. Therefore, it's advisable that students contact only authorized consultants who could guide them through the admission procedure for acquiring the list of nursing colleges in Bangalore. These admission agents in Bangalore provide right career guidance during the admission and are available as 'Educational Consultancies in Bangalore. We as the best consultants in the field of education catering to the needs of all students for more than a decade provide the student with the list of nursing colleges in Bangalore to choose from. Moreover as consultants, we also suggest the best college suitable for the student from the list of nursing colleges in Bangalore available with us.

  1. Auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM)is a one-year diploma course which focus on the study of health care of various individuals. It also taught about how to take care of equipment, setting up of Operation Theater, provide medication timely to patient and maintain records.Their services are considered important to provide safe and effective care to village communities. The role may help communities achieve the targets of national health programs.
  2. GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)is a job oriented three-year diploma course.Itdeals with the education of nurses in general health care, nursing, and midwifery.It is meant to prepare general nurses who can efficiently perform as members of the health team and capable of dealing the competencies in both the hospitals and other such organizations. This program boosts one in career prospects.
    Eligibility criteria
    Candidate pass in 10+2 Arts, Science& Commerce examination with aggregate of 35% marks.
  3. BSc Nursing
    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an undergraduate degree prepares nurses for a wide variety of professional roles like nursing science, research, leadership, and related sciences that inform the practice of nursing.
    It provides the student with general education in math, humanities and social sciences. By pursuing this course, one affords opportunities for greater career advancement and higher salary options. It is often a prerequisite for teaching, administrative, consulting and research roles.
    Eligibility criteria
    Candidate pass in PUC/10+2 with Science (PCB) & English Core/English Elective with aggregate of 40% marks.
  4. MSc Nursing
    MSc is a post-graduate degree in theories and principles of nursing course. The involves the study of nursing education and research & provides knowledge on various specializations within Nursing like-
    • OBG
    • Medical Surgical
    • Psychiatric
    • Community
    • Pediatric
    Anyone who is interested in serving mankind to its best and has interest in medicine and healthcare can choose to go for M.Sc. in Nursing first to get the in-depth knowledge of medicine and various life-giving drugs.
    Eligibility Criteria
    • Candidate pass in B.Sc. / Post Basic BSc in Nursing from a recognized university with an aggregate of 50% marks.
    • Registered in any state nursing council as a registered nurse and registered midwife.
    • Candidate should be medically fit.
  5. Post Basic BSc Nursing
    The post basic B.Sc. Nursing is a two-year job oriented nursing degree program for in-service nurses recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. The course consists of a holistic mixture of classroom lectures and hands-on practical sessions.
    Eligibility Criteria
    • Candidate pass in GNM course with completion of internship.
    • Candidate should be a registered nurse and midwife with any State Nursing Registration council.

The job prospects are various as employment market in this field is ever demanding. A person can find job in:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics and Heath Departments
  • Orphanages and old age homes
  • Military
  • Schools
  • Industrial houses and factories
  • Training Institutes as educators

Career Options:

  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes:where nurses form the largest group. These nurses are assigned to any special area of work such involving surgery, maternity, intensive care, pediatrics, obstetric, rehabilitative etc. Nurses can also work in hospitals and rehabilitation centres where patients suffer from emotional and psychological distress. Nursing these patients requires devotion and patience.
  • Public Health Nursing/ Community Health Nursing: Public health nurses / Health worker work in government and private clinics and health departments in urban and rural areas to provide basic medical services to the local population. They instruct individuals, families and other groups in health education, disease prevention, nutrition and child care. They arrange for immunizations, blood pressure testing and other health screening.
  • Clinics and Health Departments
  • Orphanages and old age homes
  • Military Schools where the nurse provides health care services to armed forces
  • Industrial Nursing/ Occupational Health Nursing: They work under the direction of the industrial physicians and assist in taking preventive safety measures. They provide emergency care at the time of accidents taking place inside the industrial premises.
  • Training Institutes which involves a combination of nursing with the teaching of students of nursing and administration of educational programmes.

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