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MTA (Master in Tourism Administration)

The tourism industry has become very sophisticated nowadays. The development in this industry has led to the demand of more well experienced and qualified professionals as to meet the many requirements as well as dramatic changes in the level of service within the nation.

The course in tourism management will help the students prepare for a career in the industry of tourism. The theoretical studies and practical classes shall provide aspirants with the expertise on what to do and how. Those who complete their education in this field have the option to go for advanced level studies or get jobs. Studying this course will give aspirants awareness about tourism sector as well as its many career opportunities. Students shall get training on practical as well as conceptual aspects of tourism. Training in this field will give aspirants the courage and encouragement to start a venture of their own.

Career opportunities are on the rise for aspirants who have successfully accomplished their Masters in Tourism course. With the inflow in tourists with the country, professionals who have finished their Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management/ Administration or Post Graduate Degree in Tourism are very much in demand. Aspirants here have the option to choose either the public or private sectors. Self employment is another good option.

Jobs for aspirants of this sector are available in firms of both public and private sectors. Those who desire to get into the public sector can get jobs with the Directorates and Departments of Tourism. As for those who are interested in working in the private sector, jobs are available with airlines, cargo companies and hotels etc. The emergence of private sector airline firms that have tie ups with foreign airlines has opened up new avenues domestic and foreign tourists within the country. This in turn has opened new opportunities for aspirants. One can even start his own business with an experience of 3 4 years in this field. They start their business small and then expand gradually.

One factor that makes the tourism industry very much attractive is the employment opportunities offered. Countless possibilities are at hand for individuals with innovative visions. Opportunities in this sector can be got at many areas. You can be in one of the following posts:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Events manager
  • Government administrator
  • Hotel manager
  • Hotel service supervisor
  • Marketing manager
  • Policy maker/planner
  • Public relations officer
  • Recreation officer
  • Research officer
  • Sports administrator
  • Tour guide
  • Tourism manager
  • Transport administrator
  • Travel consultant

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