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The MIB program is committed to provide the quality learning experience to its students through creation of an environment that stimulates them in pursuit of excellence in the field of International Business and Management as well as in domestic environment.

The program aims at training and developing the candidates capable of holdings Managerial positions in the field of International Trade and Business.

MIB is considered as an attractive career option by many students because of the interesting career opportunities it offers. It gives special training to students in various aspects of International Business such as:

  • Export and Import Management rules, procedures and documentation involved in Exports and Imports.
  • International Marketing in which the students are taught the various methods of approaching customers in foreign countries to obtain orders from them..
  • Foreign Exchange management which deals with Currency Conversion, Fluctuation in currency rates and also how to guard against Foreign Exchange Rate fluctuations.
  • International Finance, which deals with raising Capital from International Markets.
  • International Logistics, which deals with the distribution, network etc for making the goods move from the country of production to the foreign country for consumption.

MIB also gives a strong foundation in general management subjects and all the basic areas of International Business. The students are team aligned into areas of Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, etc., with special emphasis on International Business perspective.

MIB can be considered to be equivalent to MBA with additional inputs on fundamental theories and areas of International Business. In fact the MIB is a specialized management program.


Graduate in any discipline with minimum of 50% marks. Candidates appearing for the final degree exam can also apply.

Career Opportunities for students pursuing MIB:

Good placement opportunities in the following areas are available due to specialized training received by them:

  • International Marketing, Departments of Companies having Exports abroad (Automobile Companies such as Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, etc.,)
  • International Placements in company office abroad (MNC's such as Procter and Gamble, Nestle, etc.)
  • In export or import departments of engineering and FMCG Companies.
  • In Global shipping companies (Maersk shipping, Mitsubishi shipping).
  • In travel houses and tourism sector (Thomas Cook).
  • In International Logistics and Courier companies (DHL, Excel Logistics).
  • In Consultancy Firms (Mckinsey, Price Waterhouse).

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