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Homeopathy Colleges in Bangalore

The word Homeopathy is derived from Greek words 'Homeo' meaning similar and 'Pathos' meaning suffering or the treatment by the same. Homeopathy is a system of medicine surgery which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances given mainly in tablet form with the aim of generating the body's natural system of healing. Homeopathy believes that any physical disease has a mental and emotional component. So a homeopathic diagnosis includes physical symptoms (such as fever), current emotional and psychological state (such as anxiety and restlessness) and the person's constitution. A right remedy for a condition will take all of these aspects into accident. So, each diagnosis and remedy is individualized. Herbs and other plants, minerals, venom from snakes and other substances are used to make homeopathic remedies. They are diluted repeatedly with a process of sequential dilutions and potentization.


The minimum eligibility for bachelor course i.e. BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) is 10+2 in physics, chemistry, Biology and English with minimum 45 % marks. The selection of BHMS is through the same All India Entrance Examination as for MBBS. The duration of the course is five and half years, including internship. There is also a Diploma course of four year duration. At post graduate level, there is MD in Homeopathy which is of three years duration.

Job Scope and Career Options

Homeopathy is gaining acceptance among people and so the course has good employment and career prospects. Completion of BHMS makes you eligible to seek employment in government health care units, dispensaries, voluntary organizations, medical colleges and corporate hospitals or start our own private practice. Specialty homeopathy clinics are now popular all over the world, and these clinics offer treatment for a variety of diseases using latest equipments and diagnosis. One can pursue further study and can also explore options in clinical research. For those who want to continue their education after completion of BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery), can take up MD (Doctor of Medicine) in homeopathy or MS (Master of Surgery) in homeopathy which is a post graduate degree conferred by many institutions. Homeopathy Doctors have jobs in government and private hospitals or clinics, charitable institutions, research institutes, medical colleges and training institutes. Apart from these, they can also go for private practice. After BHMS, you can select higher studies or career according to your wish. Courses like M.D. (Homoeopathy), M.D in (Homoeopathic) (Materia Medica), M.D. (Homoeopathic) (Paediatrics), etc may be suitable. M.Sc courses like M.Sc. (Endocrinology), M.Sc. (Epidemiology), M.Sc. (Regenerative Medicine), etc are also good. Otherwise, you can work as Homeopathic Doctor or Consultant in Hospitals or health care centers. Research firms and Pharmaceutical firms are also in need of BHMS graduates.

Homeopathy colleges in Bangalore

Bhagavan Buddha Homeopathic Medical College

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