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Career Planning

Career management to achieve goals of life.

Career Planning is to plan his activities in order to maintain proper satisfaction and energies in the life of a person. One's career (work or his activity area) is a symbol of his personality. His life and career are inextricably linked. The society understands a person also on the basis of his employment. Therefore Career Management is the most important player in achieving the goals of life.

Planning is a very important process if you are a student, worker, or a job. Careers are key steps in career planning as they focus on checking for your strengths, interests, values ​​and tastes. Checking whether a person's job / activity is in harmony with his personal circumstances, his study, and employment and reorganization are the key factors in career planning.

Different steps in Career planning
  • Self recognition
  • Discovery
  • Making decisions
  • Implementation of decisions
Self recognition

These are the questions you should ask yourself at this stage.

  • What am i?
  • What should I do?
  • What about my skills and talents?
  • What are my preferences?

This is the point where we find employment areas of interest.

  • What jobs do I prefer?
  • Do I have interest and skills? Or can they acquire them? You can deeply analyze these questions to reach a decision.
Making decisions

To find out what is the most suitable area for you from the many possibilities you need to be very careful.

  • What are the preparations for entry into that field?
  • How can we eliminate our limitations?
  • Where to Train?

The answers to such questions can be found.

Implementation of decisions

What do you want to go the way you choose? How should we go? Who will help you?These questions are very relevant to get trained training, acquire the skill needed for the job, and achieve the goal of compatibility with employment, opening the way to your commitment. Since the world is rapidly changing, its impacts will be on labor and employment. So you will have to try and update your communication skills, analytical skills, basic mathematical understanding, and knowledge of the world of social intelligences. Determine the future of a worker with the capability to study and adapt to new technologies and methods.

  • When 10th finish then Try to decide on your career
  • Leave hard mentality.
  • Make a clue about your career choice.

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