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Residential Schools in Bangalore

Reasons to study in International Schools in Bangalore

The new breed of youngsters studying at international schools are flocking to Bangalore. Home to more than five international schools, Bangalore, with its IT and Knowledge Capital tag and salubrious climate is turning a favourite destination for education trusts to set up multicultural international schools with the 'Indian Culture' intact.

The International School Bangalore (TISB), Jain International Residential School (JIRS), Indus International School (IIS), BGS International Residential School, Mallya Aditi International School (MAIS) and the Canadian School of India, AECS MAARUTI MAGNOLIA PUBLIC SCHOOL,have been attracting students from all over the country and as far as Germany, Africa, Iran, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the Middle East, and neighbouring Bangladesh. They make up nearly 40 per cent of the student population at such schools. NRI students form a large chunk too, with Indian-born parents wanting their children to keep in touch with their culture.

We are an international salad bowl with students representing 31 nationalities in our school. We now attract students from Europe who are moving away from the 'rough culture' that has grown into schools in Switzerland and UK," Dr Bindu Hari, director of TISB told The Sunday Times of India. Bangalore's IT industry employees also favour such schools for their kids; celebrities and sports personas from all over the country are not far behind.

Though Bangalore is a melting pot of various cultures, the 'Indian Culture' is the focus point of many international schools in the city. "Modernisation with cultural ethos, and a focus on traditionality is our philosophy,' says Ranjeev Raghavan, principal of JIRS. Many of their students hail from business families who study management courses before they take over the family empire. "The food we serve is pure vegetarian and aarti, bhajans and Rig Vedic chanting is part of the daily routine. Parents from other countries, who have been influenced by the Indian experience, send their kids to our school so that they learn Indian culture,' adds Raghavan.

International schooling becomes crucial for students who use it as a stepping stone to international University education -- it gives a grounding in the research-based and analytical system of education required in college. A reason why many Bangalore-based partents too send their children to such international schools. "The International Baccalaureate (IB) system is much sought after. It is a gold card for those who want to study in universities abroad. It is a stringent system and research-based," says Dr Bindu Hari. Many of their students have gone on to Carnegie Mellon University, London School of Economics and other prestigious instiutions abroad.

Indus International School has building leadership as its USP. Faculty act as facilitators in the process. The 1:5 teacher-student ratio ensures close interaction and attention.

"Many parents of our students come from the upper middle class -- some are salaried employees. Many of the parents have been exposed to an international education themselves or have been impressed with such a system abroad," says Capt Unnikrishnan, managing trustee of IIS Fashion guru Prasad Bidappa, whose wife is one of the founder-teachers at MAIS put their kids -- a son aged 17 and a daughter aged 12 at MAIS. "We think of it as a school with better options, with more to offer. Children from such schools become more aware of the world around them because of the students from other countries they interact with."

Such education comes with an international price tag too -- fees vary from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh per annum. Most of the schools offer the ICSE/CBSE or IGCSE curricula. Classes start very often at the kindergarten level and go on till standard 12. Along with studies, the stress on co-curricular activities is significant. Sports, swimming, horse-riding, yoga, dance, music, fashion shows, hobby clubs, theatre, excursions are part of the students's everyday life.

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